Bundeswehr Big Band in Iserlohn: Admission to the concert is free

The Bundeswehr Big Band will arrive in Iserlohn on Thursday. Preparations for the concert at Fritz-Kühn-Platz are in full swing.

Queens and kings from all over the world, US presidents and even the Pope stamped his feet or snapped his fingers to the beat of the Bundeswehr’s Big Band. The swing formation has been a welcome guest at home and abroad since it was founded 51 years ago and even had a meeting at the Olympics.

Now fans in Iserlohn can expect a benefit concert by musicians in uniform, conducted by Lt. Col. Timor Oliver Chadik, on Thursday 15 September at 20:00 at Fritz-Kühn-Platz.

The Bundeswehr arrives with four 40-ton trucks

But there is still a lot of work to do until then, and city marketing director Dirk Matthiessen and the organizational team from the city administration will still have a lot of worry on their forehead. Mark Williams, the event manager in the city of Iserlohn, has been busy for weeks preparing the site in the shadow of the farmers’ church for the big event. “Everything will be ready when the Bundeswehr arrives on Thursday with its four 40-ton trucks,” assures the event expert.

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Whoever experiences the concert of the Big Band of the German Armed Forces will hear not only the music of the Big Band sound from the swing, rock and pop genres. Anyone who experiences the concert of 24 professional musicians and two soloists Marco Matias and Bonita Niessen, will be transferred to the world of popular music, entertainment, surprises and emotions as well as special effects.

The concert evening is initiated by the school’s general education team

But not only the Bundeswehr’s Big Band is performing this evening: before the big concert concert, Big Band “JazZination” from the Iserlohn Comprehensive School will be on stage for half an hour from 19:15 and will put the audience in the mood for a musical evening. For the leader of the Big Band, Wilfried Pieper, it is a welcome opportunity to present the musical talent of his 26 pupils.

The Bundeswehr Big Band has been playing for free since its inception. With entrance fees of well over € 20 million, people in need were helped from day one. There is no admission fee in Iserlohn, instead they are collecting money through the public to collect the fee for the outpatient hospice for children and adolescents “Kleine Raupe”.

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“The fundraising campaign for this valuable work is important,” says Mayor Michael Joithe, who will also be out of the house tonight with a donation bucket. “It’s nice that the public is hearing about our work,” says Bettina Wichmann, head of the Johanniter hospice, “because it’s getting harder and harder to recruit new volunteers for our work.”

Both multi-storey car parks are open to concert guests

City Marketing Manager Dirk Matthiessen, whose career path has been crossed many times by Big Band, is looking forward to a great concert with first-class musical entertainment, socializing and good food. Forsthaus Löhen will provide drinks and snacks. “We will offer a classic pea soup as well as a spit roast and something vegetarian,” reveals Löhen boss Jens Neffin. If you want, you can also fortify yourself with the well-known currywurst at the ‘Curryzipfel’ stand.

Inselstraße will be closed on the day of the event. All nearby car parks are used as parking spaces. The Society for Economic Development will exceptionally open the “Miasto” car park until 11:15 pm. You can also use the “Altstadt” multi-storey car park. Although the entrance and exit gates officially close at 9:30 PM, if you take your ticket with you, you can enter the parking lot through the door next to the exit.

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