“Die Toten Hosen” in Minden: this is how the second big concert in the chancellor’s pasture works

This is the final concert of the “Toten Hosen” anniversary tour: 40,000 people are celebrating today with the band at Kanzlers Weide in Minden. Campino and company are already in town the day before. This was revealed by a sound check on Friday night that could be heard halfway across town. The fans have been away from home in the center of Minden since Saturday morning. Here is the current information:

6:16 pm: Another supporting act entered the stage: “concrete death“is a German punk band from Rheinberg. The crowd goes wild, the sound of the band can be heard in the city center.

18:10: Minden promenade is slowly emptying. Thousands of fans go to the concert venue on foot. Many of them quickly strengthen themselves in the buffets in the city center, which – similar to the doctors’ concert last week – have a chance to generate record sales.

5:26 pm: The first opening act has started! “your cousin“Your cousin” is named Ina Bredehorn. She is a rock singer from Hamburg and has just released her second album “I don’t stay here”. In 2014, she took part in Udo Lindenberg’s “Panic Prize” competition for young talents and has been collaborating with the rock legend ever since.

5:05 pm: The concert hall in the chancellor’s pasture fills up. The mood among the fans is even better than before the doctors’ concert last week, our reporters report on the spot. There is a lot of singing, celebration and laughter. The area in front of the stage is now full. Only those who have obtained the armband can enter the area between the stage and the first breakwater.

4.30pm: Access roads from the A30 / Bad Oeynhausen direction get crowded. Arriving fans now face longer waiting times between the A30 Dehme exit and the Dehme B61 traffic lights. There is also a backlog on the Hausbergerstraße at the concert site to the B65. In general, the arrivals traffic is much calmer than at the “Ęrzte” concert a week ago.

4:05 pm: The parking spaces in front of the concert are getting fuller and fuller. In the city center, public parking spaces along the Weser and Schlagde are already full. Tip: According to the city of Minden, there is still plenty of space in the underground car park in the Obermarkt passage and the multi-storey car park at Marienwall. Important: The rest of the city center car parks close as usual on Saturdays, so they are closed at the end of the concert! If you are traveling by bike, you can use the bicycle parking spaces on the Kaiserstraße or at the government building.

15.50: “Everything is completely relaxed”, the city’s statement so far on the course of the great concert day in Minden. In the city center and around the concert hall, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed despite the crowds. The regulators are in town and have an idea of ​​the situation. So far, there have been no incidents or difficulties.

15:33: Finally, an introduction! Thousands of fans flock to the concert zone at Kanzlers Weide, everything is quiet and civilized. Later there will be 40,000 people cheering on “Toten Hosen” tonight. This is the final concert of Hosen’s anniversary goal, and has been sold out for months. Most of the visitors came from far away to celebrate the end of the concert in Minden. Reiner tells us that today he sees pants for the twelfth time on this tour.

3:20 pm: Fans are chanting louder and louder: from “All for Love” to “Ice-Chilled Bommelunder” ten more minutes, then the fence of the concert hall should open. Minden center is also getting crowded. Many wear “Toten Hosen” fan shirts.

14.45: The mood among the waiting fans is lively. Three more quarters of an hour, then admission is scheduled. Michael from Bottrop tells our local reporter that he is already at the fourth “Hosen” show this year. He doesn’t know how many times in his life he has seen the band. “Definitely double-digit,” he says. Even Alissa from Emsland can’t wait for her and her friends to be admitted to the site. They are waiting not only for “Toten Hosen”, but also for supporting bands.

2pm: So far, the arrivals traffic has been much calmer than a week ago. The queue of cars in front of the entrance to the parking lot at Hausbergerstraße is getting longer. Traffic around him is much better, the police have just confirmed. Mainly because the streets of North Rhine-Westphalia cleared the closed driveway from the B61 from the Weserauen tunnel to the B65 towards Bückeburg yesterday, so far there have been no major traffic jams. A detour via the B482 for visitors coming from the A30 / Bad Oeynhausen direction is no longer necessary due to the opening.

1:15 pm: Support teams are doing their soundchecks. So far, rehearsals have taken place in “Beatsteaks”. Her performance is scheduled for 19:15.

12.30: Nothing stands in the way of the concert evening at Kanzlers Weide: The concert zone has been removed. There were also representatives of the Stratmann Event organizer, the police, the fire brigade, as well as the city building code and the regulatory authority. The last questions about parking and the entry and exit of the concert guests were clarified.

12:15 PM: Unlike a week ago, the inbound traffic for fans from far away has been much better so far: The A2 and A30 motorways are free of chargeLast Saturday, accidents with closures on the A2 near Herford and the A30 near Bad Oeynhausen delayed arrival. Many fans were stuck in traffic for hours.

11.30am: We are already in the center of Minden in the morning a striking number of cars with foreign license plates see. For many, the stickers on the tailgate reveal that they are fans who in some cases even came to Minden from Bavaria for the Hosen concert. One of them is Manuela from the vicinity of Cologne. She went to Minden on Friday and spent the night in her Bulli in Glacis. She wants to be one of the first to enter when the fences on the concert site open at 3:30 pm. She tells us that she did not want to miss the Minden concert as this is the last of her anniversary tour.

11:00 am: The weather forecast for the concert day in Minden is better than expected. Contrary to what was predicted yesterday, they are threatening during the day no constant rain or even a thunderstorm. Our weather expert Frist Föst assumes it will stay mostly dry. In the afternoon and evening hours, at most short showers are possible.

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