A thrill, a tragedy and lots of fun

Filmed by Billy Wilder and starring Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills, Avanti Avanti became a worldwide hit. The material is also great as a stage art. Summer, sun, Italy, a lot of music from the 1950s and 1960s and a lively, stormy comedy: these are the ingredients for an evening for the public at Stadthalle that will not be forgotten in a hurry. This is ensured by the Theatergastspiele Fürth ensemble, which includes, among others Stefanie Hertel, Stuart Sumner, Sascha Hödl, David-Jonas Frei, Alexander Milz, Rebecca Lara Müller and Adrian Burri.

On Friday, October 21 the residents of Lübeck can expect a unique production by the Austrian theater virtuoso Peter Turrini: “Together is more beautiful in Alzheimer” is the name of a small performance, which is devoted to the incomprehensibility of time and inspires with minimalist means and great acting.

“Odd and Chaotin” is the title of the comedy that Sunday November 6 comes to the show. Behind the fluffy name is an adaptation of the masterpiece “Pygmalion” by the 1913 Nobel Prize laureate and Oscar George Bernard Shaw. The material is best known under the name of its musical version “My Fair Lady”.

The modernized version, set in today’s Berlin, shows that 110 years after its premiere, the show is still extremely entertaining and contemporary. The acting is done by a team with Gaby Blum, Joanna Semmelrogge, Florian Battermann, Michael Kehr, Martin Semmelrogge and Tim Tegtmeier.

It will be fun too Saturday, November 26 when Alexander Ollig’s three-act comedy “Mother-in-law and Other Spite” by Pascal Breuer is featured. The production of the comedy at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich carries the not-so-surprising but extremely tumultuous message that getting married is not difficult in itself, but staying married is very difficult. Known for her numerous film, stage and television roles, actress Simone Rethel shines in the role of Gerda’s “mother-in-law”.

“Cowboy and Chaotin” is the title of the comedy that will be shown in Lübbecke on Sunday, November 6th. Picture: A comedy in the old town square

“My blind date with life” (Sunday December 4) is a tragic comedy based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Saliya Kahawatte. The film was released in German cinemas in 2017, directed by Marc Rothemund and tells the story of a German-Sinhal who almost completely loses his eyesight and defies fate with his willpower; a touching, inviting and often funny story that only life can write.

Lighter fabrics offer am Saturday, January 14, the classic comedy “Das Hörrohr” by Karl Bunje with Wolfgang Sommer and the Ohnsorg Theater ensemble. The comedy about the lively but deaf farmer Grandpa Meiners and the intrigues of his family is amusing theater in its purest form with everything your heart desires. It is one of the most successful and most frequently staged plays in German theaters for a reason.

A mistake at the social welfare office flushes the 15-year-old bully Patrick out of Göran and Sven’s registered partnership instead of the expected 1.5-year-old adopted child. It can be fun, and it will be. A stormy comedy full of punch lines and humorous sitcom “Patrick 1.5” directed by Thomas Rohmer is now available Friday, February 3in the Lübbecke Stadthalle program.

Stefanie Hertel not only sings, she is also an actress. Picture: Alexander Stingl

At the end of the season Friday March 24, a thrill from the best-selling author Sebastian Fitzk. Based on the book of the same name, “Das Paket” by Wolfgang Rumpf, the psychological thriller has had a reputation for captivating audiences from the first scene to the last since its premiere on April 7. So there will be excitement.

The new season is a turning point for Lübbecke. Following the dissolution of Kulturring, this is the first season in which the Cultural Administration team takes care of planning. Organizational changes are also related to this. From this season on, two subscriptions are available, “Big” for six freely selectable events and “Mini-subscription” for three. The seats can be freely chosen when booking according to the principle of “first come, first served”. If you want to keep your usual seat it is wise to book in advance.

There will be no more money. Tickets are only available at the Mediothek cultural and media center in the Old Town Hall and online at www.luebbecke-erleben.de.


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