Art professions: training and studies for creative people and artists

Today, there are many art professions. Regardless of whether you prefer to do an apprenticeship or study: as a creative person, you have many options to turn your hobby into a career.

Competition with art: training possible

For most art professions, an internship is a good option as you can gain a lot of hands-on experience directly. Since many things belong to the arts, there is also a wide variety of training courses available.

  • If you like working with materials like wood, ceramics or glass, you will find it arts and crafts Find it. For example, you can train as a goldsmith, wood carver, or ceramics. But this category includes even more atypical professions, such as wooden toy makers, porcelain painters, and candle makers.
  • The professions in the area are similar to handicrafts jewelry. There are, for example, competitions of silversmith or goldsmith, watchmaker and jeweler. Anyone who would like to work with gemstones can train to become a gemstone maker or grinder. If you like to work on fine details, training as a precision grinder is an option.
  • Also music and theater offer a variety of internships for creative people. If you like to be the center of attention yourself, you can train yourself as a dancer, actor or musician, for example in the field of church music or in the military music service. But there is also a lot to do behind the scenes: you can become a music teacher or band leader, but you can also train as an audio engineer, music vendor, or stage painter.
  • Currently, there are also many practices in this field design. You can train as a designer in photography, graphics, communication design, media, fashion, and jewelry. If you like working with cameras, you may be interested in training to become a photographer, cameraman or camera assistant. In the digital realm, there are professions of game designer, visual marketing designer, and media designer in digital and print. Creative professions can also be found in the living room, for example as an interior decorator.
  • Another professional field deals with everything that is concerned Museums, renovation and protection of monuments must do. They are looking for, among others technical assistants of monuments, painters and varnishers and technical assistants of preparations.

Courses for creative people

There are also many opportunities for those who would like to bring their own creativity to their studies.

  • In order to be able to work as a freelance artist later, you can piece study at a state art academy or academy. Unfortunately, in many cases, studies are not enough to cover your own living costs later. Therefore, it is worth looking around for additional sources of income.
  • If you want to work not only artistically, but also with people, then this course is for you art therapy an opportunity that is available in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Art therapy focuses on a person’s resources and releases emotional and physical blockages.
  • Design courses can be divided into two groups: communication design deals with advertising and public relations. On industrial and product design, it concerns the design of various products, such as fashion, furniture, vehicles, packaging and machines.
  • If you are interested in not only design but also technology and programming, you can Design of the game learn. When creating virtual worlds, attention to detail, creativity and technical understanding are beneficial.
  • In the area of music there are different courses: If you are a musician yourself, you can for example instrument or singing learn. If you prefer to work with people, the courses are perfect music pedagogy or music therapy on. But also music business or science courses are possible.

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