Concert for Togo at the parish hall of Heilig Kreuz in Zweibrücken

Concert for Togo at the parish hall of Heilig Kreuz in Zweibrücken
For a better life for street children

When the Lied für Togo series of benefit concerts lasted over the years, soprano Zweibrücken Hildegard Baum created a firework of creative ideas. Under the thrilling title “Kidnapping in Windwood-Forest” on Sunday 18 September at 18:00 in the parish hall of Heilig Kreuz in Zweibrücken, money will be raised for the country of West Africa.

“There must be more energy there!” Hildegard Baum was sure of this after the eighth year of “Lied für Togo” in 2018. Soprano Zweibrücken and organizer of a benefit concert at which the parish of St. Every year, Elżbieta is invited to contribute to the Aimer la Vie (Love of Life) foundation, she noted that despite the concert of songs at the highest level, she performs with the duo’s changing partners and accompanied by the excellent pianist Marina Kavtaradze, they gave a certain tiredness. Both with regular guests and with the musicians themselves.

The voice trainer and singing educator stated: “Nowadays, you can’t lure anyone off the couch with a concert of a clean, classic song.” The requirements for the event and variety are too high and the online offering too varied.

Her fellow musician, the baritone Dietmar Frank, came up with the perfect idea to perform Bach cantatas. She recalls: “First I was surprised, then I was excited.”

Creative ideas flowed during the classic frontal concert at the Hornbacher Klosterkirche. She realized, “You have to do it differently and we’ll make it our first gig for Togo!” Pirmasens flautist, Helma Terres, was immediately delighted with Hornbach and brought with her an outstanding cellist, Holger Vehling.

The ideas simply flew to Hildegard Baum: she transferred the still current themes of the Baroque era from generational conflicts to amorous entanglements to the present day, quickly transformed the solo into a duo and introduced pastor Wolfgang Emanuel to the stage. For decades he has been personally involved in the foundation – and thus in improving the lives of street children in Togo, and their families, in Africa.

As a music reciter, the pastor was part of the newly assembled “crew.” Hildegard Baum Beams: “It was great!” The title aroused curiosity and instead of 80 out of 100 believers, the parish hall for 150 guests was suddenly bursting at the seams. She stated: “In addition to the early regular audience supporting the foundations and some music lovers, suddenly there is a whole new target group interested in culture and willing to donate.”

In 2019, the Togo band raised the bar not only in terms of music, but also in terms of entertainment value with this “banger” and thus raised high expectations of future concerts in Togo.

The fact that new donation records are set every year makes Hildegard Baum very happy and also a little proud because that’s what it’s all about, in addition to high-quality cultural entertainment. He knows: “The fun factor must also be very high for musicians, because they play for free, they give a happy afternoon of their own joy – so that this joy can then spread like a wave to the children in Togo.”

Husband Hans-Peter Baum supports the vibrant Togo team as a set designer and creates attractive advertising posters. Following a break at Corona in 2020, Hildegard Baum handed over the musical direction to Helma Terres in 2021 for health reasons and only wrote a moderation.

The program “Aimer la Vie – Aimer la Musique”, enriched by Walter Theisohn (director of the Herzog Christian Music School) and his oboe, was once again a great success. Despite all the environmental difficulties during the Corona period.

This year, the team raised the stakes. Referring to the wonderful works that make the forest with its animals and its mysticism a musical experience, a kind of a theater concert was created under the title “Kidnapping in the Windwood Forest”.

Windwood are woodwinds. Pastor Wolfgang Emanuel becomes Robin Wood, a model of the English forest robber Robin Hood who robs the rich to do good for the poor. Hildegard Baum laughs: “We went to the extreme and turned it into – non-violent – kidnapping, including (voluntary) ransom.”

Her friend, singing teacher Beate Günther (soprano), known for her performances in the Himmelsberg chapel, strengthens the “gang of robbers” for the first time.

Concert for Togo Kidnapping in Windwood-Forest will take place on Sunday September 18 at 6:00 pm in Heilig Kreuz Parish Hall. Admission is free, as are the seats. Father Emanuel personally brought the ransom to Togo for the Aimer la Vie.

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