Freiburg can take a place at the top: less “classify”, more joy to succeed!

Freiburg can take a place at the top: less “classify”, more joy to succeed!

Christian Streich

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Christian Streich can put aside his humility in the face of the successes of SC Freiburg. Can communicate bolder and more aggressively.

On Sunday afternoon SC Freiburg has the chance to secure the top of the table and be in the lead. Christian Streich can and should sometimes “classify” less and show more joy in success. Comment.

The humble and honest work of Christian Streich has been paying off in Freiburg for many years. The club is admired by other clubs for its continuity and tranquility. Time and time again Freiburg and Streich as a duo are often praised role models.

If the sports club face Borussia Mönchengladbach at their stadium late Sunday afternoon, they could regain their lead in the table. A win would not even be necessary for this – a draw, and thus one point would take the string ahead of 17 players by eleven. It would be a well-deserved jump and success.

Streich seems to be allergic to success: classify there, classify there …

And despite the current top, even if queue six does not end with Freiburg in first place, the coach always emphasizes the classification of the overall situation.

Streich already at the beginning of September, when they were already in first place, emphasized sports buzzer): “I’m really not interested in this. […] As for the results, things are going very well now. But we also have the necessary luck at the moment. It is sometimes like that. But I can work it out. “

He was even more blunt, explaining that due to the continued tension in Europa League participation, it would be a question of “keeping Freiburg in the Bundesliga”.

“Yes, Christian: Schwätz kon Seich”: Freiburg can make it clear that you want more

With all understanding for calm communication, Mr. Streich: Please have a little more courage, more risk, more joy in success! Anyone who’s in the top four for a few games in the new season, and perhaps even top of the table, doesn’t have to pretend the situation is downright annoying.

Even Christian Streich, who is so down-to-earth, can enjoy such success and just think he’s cool, even if it’s just for a moment’s pleasure. But even that isn’t even set in stone. Of course, the team could also stay higher. But it also includes a proper relationship to the outside world.

Instead of looking at the bottom of the table, which is now common (and maybe even your own in the evening) in terms of point distribution, you can also set another goal. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Of course, Streich does not have to and should not sit at the next press conference with a plastic championship cup. But just saying how great it is up there and that you can aggressively pursue ambitious goals from this starting position would certainly be possible.

Avoiding “our goal” understatements would mean staying in the league, which would already mean “a good and nice year”. Thanks to good, continuous work, the club has long since passed with such an attitude.

In the last three years, end-of-season places have been eighth, tenth and sixth. You’ve always been around 15, recently even 20 points to a relegation fight.

So Christian: Talk to yourself and show how SC Freiburg is in the mood for more victories, successes and well-deserved exclamation marks. A jump to the top of the table would be such an exclamation point. With a victory over Gladbach, even three points advantage.

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