10/11 September: Festivals, concerts and more – that’s what happened in the region over the weekend – region and country

Headliner Rae Garvey has 15,000 fans under his control from the first moment on “On Air Holiday 1”. Photo: Happiness

After a two-year hiatus in Corona, the region hosted many festivals, concerts and other events last weekend. Choice.

Whether it’s a village festival, market or concert: there was a lot to offer in the region last weekend. We collected the most important information. Clicking on the appropriate link will take you directly to the event report.

At the “FestiViel” on Saturday in Villingen there was “much to hear, see and experience”. Retailers were constrained by lengthy downtown redevelopments as well as the pandemic blockades they opposed. Merchants from Villinger have now created “FestiViel” under the umbrella and with 40 percent funding from the Oberzentrum trade association (GVO), after funding was promised from the “Immediate Retail Program” of the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism.

Blumberg clubs have organized a diverse festival mile for the street festival. When the rain had stopped, guests flocked to the festival.

As every year, the summer of the mountain town once again hosted the Museum of Technology in St. Georgen with Meinrad Obi Jennes Soul Diamonds. After the concert was moved to the former freight hall in 2021 due to the constraints of the crown, it was held again as usual.

The fourth Mahler was a great end to the summer in a mountain town. Karsten Dönneweg has already proved his skill as a cellist. As conductor of the Black Forest Chamber Orchestra, he was in top form and had an interpretative effect.

The organizers of the 25th Black Forest Bike Marathon can be satisfied: this year’s edition was once again a complete success, the mood was very good. First of all, the number of participants on both days was only slightly lower than in 2019.

The “17 ¾ hours from Fischbach” delighted the crowds. There were several thousand visitors who enjoyed the unique atmosphere of the moped racing in Fischbach.

37. The Rottweiler Stadtfest had to offer culinary delights from all over the world, cheerful people, lots of music and programs during the weekend.

Although the temperatures did not encourage celebration, the “Congress” on Friday evening in Oberndorfer Klosterhof turned into a big party. Electronic music fans got value for six hours.

The two bands “Artefuckt” and “Kärbholz” created a good atmosphere on Saturday evening in Rock am Burghaldenwald near Vöhringen. Both shows were very hot – and for one of the bands it was their first time at Vöhringen.

In the ruins of Herrenzimmern Castle, five rising comedians made 80 guests laugh and smiled during the “Newcomers’ Night”.

Boller Mostbesen is also very popular this year. Visitors remain loyal to the event. The final will take place on Tuesday.

The festival “Rocks of Dormettingen” was held for the first time in the Slate Adventure Park. In total, four excellent cover bands played for two days.

56 steps are required for visitors to the Benzinger water tower to enjoy the magnificent view of the Lauchert Valley. On the opening day of the monument, many visitors had the opportunity to climb the Benzinger landmark.

Following the Scottish Highland Games example, seven Scottish-Swabian clans competed in various disciplines at the first “Taufgames” at Pfeffinger’s sports grounds.

The Melching Pottery and Craft Market also became a magnet for visitors in the 41st edition. Even the occasional rain did not prevent visitors from passing over 100 stalls.

On Saturday in Dürrwangen there was a meeting of bagpipes and plates. Whistles, horns, shepherd’s flutes, bagpipes and an almost forgotten plate filled the dance hall in Haus der Volkskunst for the evening with archaic sounds and songs about love and revolution.

This is the return of “Summer on Air 1” after three years in Empfingen. This time instead of Boss Hoss and Max Giesinger with the main acts Seiler and Speer, Fury in the Slaughterhouse and Rae Garvey. Finally, after three years, the festival is full again.

The barrel tapping at the big city festival in Horb took place already on Friday evening. It even ended bloody. Stefan Mauz, president of FC Horb, hits Mayor Ralph Zimmermann on the fingers. Even a doctor was needed. Otherwise, hundreds of guests celebrated at the city festival. Many dealerships report good customer sentiment.

The Glass Beads Games were held in Calw for the sixth time. The song art festival convinced the audience with high-quality interpretations of works by, among others, Brahms, Strauss and Schuhmann. There was also a small tribute to the festival’s namesake.

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