Cultural autumn offers à la carte fun.

Kurzweil in Erkrath
Cultural autumn offers à la carte fun

Be it cabaret, comedy or comedy – one thing is already clear: the audience at Stadthalle is in a good mood. You can see great artists there at low prices.

By the turn of the year, Erkrath’s culture ignites a special blend of comedy, cabaret and depth with selected drama productions. Beautiful to look at.

The comedy and comedy section starts Friday, September 16 at 20:00: Christoph Sieber demands in Stadthalle: “Become Human” (we wrote a good month later, Bernd Stelter will be celebrating on Thursday, October 27, from September 20). free time: “Hurray, Monday is the weekend again!” is the name of his new program for everyone who complains about Mondays, discusses Tuesdays, who thinks Wednesdays are lousy and Thursdays are stupid. week to finally be weekend again? ”asks Stelter

Ingolf Lück is “very pleased” with the welcome of the Erkrath audience on Friday 18 November at 20:00 in the town hall. As soon as you feel that you want to get out of your bobby car, as soon as your sore muscles ache after the Let’s Dance final, that responsibility is everywhere again. Everything is only organic, everyone is fit and you should always be at peace with yourself. What a prospect for someone who has just turned 60 and really wants nothing more than to finally get a seat on the tram?

    The new season begins on September 28 with the comedy

The new season begins on September 28 with the comedy “Monsieur Claude 2”, based on the film of the same name.
Photo: Helmut Seuffert

The first half of the season ends with Wilfried Schmickler on Friday, December 2 at 20:00, as one of the country’s greatest political cabaret performers. After more than 40 years on stage, he presents his new program: “It Doesn’t End”, fighting against the idiocy and injustice of this world, with social inequality, hatred and intolerance! But his desire to counteract it doesn’t stop there either!

In the theater section, the comedy “Monsieur Claude 2” based on the film by Philippe de Chauveron and Guy Laurant of the same title will start on Wednesday 28 September. Monsieur Claude is once again worried about his four son-in-law. Because now they want to disappear into the world – together with their beloved daughters Claude. However, Claude and Marie don’t accept it without a fight.

On Wednesday, October 19, Erkrath will welcome Timothy Peach in Florian Zeller’s comedy “Die Kehrseite derMEDe.” Do we always say what we think? In this song, interest is less in what is said than in what is usually not said: Isabelle and Daniel have been married for a long time, Patrick, his longtime friend, now has a new girlfriend by his side. Her name is Emma and she is very attractive. Dinner escalation.

“Lies Have Young Legs” will be screened at Stadthalle on Wednesday 23 November. Vicky and Gavin are young and curious about each other. Especially when they find out that their father is a taxi driver and his name is John Smith.

The cinematic hit “25 km / h” closes the year on Wednesday, December 7. Christian and Georg meet for the first time in decades at their father’s funeral. While Georg remained in his hometown as a carpenter and looked after his father until his death, Christian made a career as a businessman. Now the two decide to take a moped tour of Germany, which they agreed to do when they were 16.

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