PvP is now fairer than ever in Destiny 2, but players prefer to fight unfairly

In Destiny 2, PvP is an ever-hot topic in the community. Is it the lack of maps, new modes, or hackers spoiling the fun of honorable players. Rangers always have something to discuss when it comes to PvP. But this time around, it’s a fair system that couldn’t be more annoying to many pro gamers: skill-based matchmaking.

What is SBMM and why is it so annoying now? Skill-based matchmaking, SBMM for short, is an integrated system in PvP matchmaking. With this system, your game can filter out an enemy team that matches your PvP stats.

So you don’t get into a match against worse opponents, but against players who are exactly at your skill level. This creates fairer matches so that newbies can have fun at the Crucible and not get put off right away.

However, this is working to the detriment of pro gamers, as since the recent SBMM rollout, the sweaty Guardians among you are fed up with the control mode.

SBMM or CBMM? What do you prefer to play in control mode?

Professional gamers are fed up with it, newbies love it

Where is SBMM matchmaking? Bungie only embedded skill-based matchmaking into continuous control for testing purposes. Depending on the result of the “test phase”, further implementation steps will be carried out.

There is also CBMM, i.e. matchmaking based on a combination. While this often led to more stable lobbies in Destiny 2, it also meant inexperienced players were often matched with above average players.

What is the community saying about the changes? There are two opinions about the changes. Professional players hate them, while newbies and less skilled Crucible players love them.

However, keep in mind that SBMM matchmaking, despite dissatisfaction, is a fairer change for PvP. So even regular Guardians finally get the chance to play and enjoy fun PvP matches without leaving the match prematurely.

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The crucible gets harder and harder, sharpen your light, Guardian!

But not only fans are sharing their opinions, but also YouTuber Aztecross. He has an ambivalent attitude to the activation of SBMM. Sure, I’m glad the Rangers finally got a taste of the Crucible, but unscrupulously ignoring the main PvP players is not a good way to create a good Crucible environment.

Clearly there aren’t any rewards or various incentives to give the pros among you the motivation to keep fighting in sweaty matches. All you need is emblems, shaders, and even a specially designed title. Aztecross says, “Why be better at PvP when there is no payout for it?”

However, the YouTuber sees the biggest problem in “Control” mode. In his opinion, once the most relaxed PvP mode, it is now turning into a sauna full of guards, thanks to SBMM who will be hitting everyone’s head. In this case, a better solution should be sought, such as a separate control mode with and without SBMM.

According to Aztecross, you just want to relax and try out various PvE weapons without getting bursting in the air. As you can see, the Crucible has a long way to go before it becomes a place for all Guardians.

Will SBMM be included everywhere soon? Bungie is basically testing its new system right now and collecting enough feedback to better plan future moves. However, it wouldn’t help if the developers first fixed the problem for beginners, but created a new problem for basic players.

However, we believe that Bungie will make the right choice so that both parties can be happy in the near future. If you still want to play relaxed rounds of PvP go to the Iron Banner or “Dynamic Control” mode that still doesn’t have SBMM.

What do you think about the change? Are you also a PvP pro and like to finally score challenging matches? Or maybe you lack the ability to compete with inexperienced newcomers to PvP? Let us know what you think about it in the comments and if it has improved the atmosphere in the Crucible.

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