Cycling and fun – March

People’s cycling and the Stadtradeln campaign are attracting people until March / Next Sunday there will also be cycling.

. “We are very satisfied,” says Kurt Fehrenbach, president of the cycling association Concordia Holzhausen, about the popular cycling with two other routes for cycling tourists. “The weather and the number of starts were just right, and many people from the village went out to the sports ground of SC Holzhausen for lunch.” Next Sunday there will be cycling again in Holzhausen.

“I wasn’t riding an electric bike, no, no, I was using a regular bike,” says Hildegard Deckers when Kurt Fehrenbach calls her in the late afternoon and honors her as the oldest participant in a public bike event. Consequently, Fehrenbach also reveals Decker’s age: he is 82 years old. The doctor, who is celebrating his birthday next month, has made a 30-kilometer circular route for cyclists such as the youngest cyclist, five-year-old Marie Mursa. “We had a total of 202 starts,” concludes Fehrenbach, which is good for a small club and roughly in line with the number ahead of Corona.

The shortest route of popular cycling with 149 starts was especially sought after. Marie Mursa was certainly not the youngest on this tour, but most of the others rode comfortably in a bicycle trailer, so the mayor’s daughter, who rode a bike herself, was delighted to receive the small cup. “The route had no slope and was therefore very easy for Marie,” explained Helmut Mursa’s father. All the other participants had a few meters to cover, as it was going to Freiamt and to Pfingstberg and Streitberg.

43 starters chose the longest route at 80 kilometers, and only 10 on the shorter, 66-kilometer route. This year, an inspector from Bund Deutscher Fahrrad (BDR) was on site again and checked the route description, railings and signage. “Subject was really enthusiastic. But we’ve been doing it for many years, ”says Fehrenbach, adding that the club has a routine.

The largest participating groups always receive prizes. This year, for the first time, this was ensured by a sponsoring association, the Reute cycling club with 24 cyclists, then SC Holzhausen with 19 cyclists and the Holzhausener Volksradfahrer with 14 cyclists.

There were also two spa groups on the way. “The Dino gang and the Holzhausener Volksradfahrer caused quite a stir,” explains Fehrenbach. The Holzhausener Volksradfahrer has won the underwater worlds with its theme. The latter not only had their circles masked, but also themselves. Shades of blue were used in particular, but there were also fishing nets, balloons with fish and helium with crabs. Bicycle helmets were decorated with flippers, and around the logo there was a plain blue T-shirt: We spin the bike and have fun doing it.

“It was always with fun groups that came up with a theme for their bikes and for themselves. We are reviving this old tradition, ”says Sabine Schtz, after a two-year hiatus at Corona for the third time. “I always get a topic, and then I think of something,” says Bernd Fehrenbach, who was in charge of the T-shirts. Being on the road with friends and acquaintances like this is fun. “It’s not just cycling, we always meet on Friday for decoration and crafts.” Which is also very funny. Markus Gutmann found the chosen route great and very well marked, and above all “it can also be done very well without an e-bike”.

This brings us to the words of Hildegard Deckers, who had no problems at 30 kilometers. “I ride this route twice a week.” But he also uses his bike in a different way. Deckers, as well as Mayor Helmut Mursa and many other bike riders, were already there on Friday for the city cycling start in March. On Friday, departure to the wine festival in Btzingen. The next item on the agenda was the Sunday public bike ride.

More trips

Next trips are coming next Sunday, September 18th. Anyone willing can meet at 10:30 in the Martin Luther Church in Hugstetten, and from there we go together for a bicycle service to the Evangelical parish Freiburg-West. In the afternoon, at 2 pm, the Buchheim General School sets out on a bicycle trip to the Btzingen Gymnasium. Under the slogan “Safe way to school” children must be shown a safe route more than seven kilometers to Btzingen Secondary School. In March, kilometers for city biking will be collected until September 29. Participation is possible. Information is available from Ralf Reber at the town hall.

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