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Concerts, comedy evenings, film screenings, exhibitions or open days in synagogues: The 35th Days of Jewish Culture in Berlin, which will take place in Berlin until September 18, show the diversity of contemporary Jewish life in the German capital.

First, on Saturday, there was a concert by Israeli singer and songwriter Idan Amedi. Outside of Israel, he is best known for his role in the Netflix series Fauda. What moves this artist?

Fauda: Israel’s action series

Amedi joined the cast of the action series early in the second season. After the show was taken over by Netflix in 2016, “Fauda” became an international hit. The fourth season is expected to start later this year.

“Fauda”, which means “chaos” in Arabic, follows a team of secret agents from the Israel Defense Forces. Their mission: to track down Palestinian terrorists. Amedi will play Sagi Tzur, the new recruit in the team of the main character Doron Kavillio, played by the co-author of the series Lior Raza.

Raz and his co-author, journalist Avi Issacharoff, wrote “Fauda” based on their real-life experiences. They both served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) special forces unit.

The series is clearly told from an Israeli point of view, which has sparked some criticism. At the same time, she was praised for bringing depth and humanity to heroes on both sides of the conflict. This may explain why Fauda is successful in many Arab countries as well.

Idan Amedi also believes that this depiction of the characters’ weaknesses is what sets the show apart. For the public, it offers “a new way of looking at things; seeing both sides fight, but also both sides cry and deal with all aspects and all the colors of life, ”DW said. “I think it is interesting for us Israelis to see the other side as people, not enemies.”

Although the actors portray scenes of extreme violence, the role of Amedia is for him primarily a “dream come true”. “Finally,” she says, “every little boy dreams of becoming an action star.”

Israeli star is born

But even before he became an actor, Idan Amedi was a popular pop star in Israel. His breakthrough came in 2010 with the participation in the talent show “Kokhav Nolad” (A Star is Born). He performed the song “Pain of Warriors”, which he wrote while in military service.

The song is about nightmares, bloody uniforms and the soldiers’ longing for their loved ones. The song quickly became a hit in Israel, where military service is compulsory and the radio network, which is under the authority of the armed forces, is widely listened to.

Amedi has released four albums since then, with another in preparation. He focuses mainly on his musical career, but apart from “Fauda”, he also carries out other acting projects. “Sometimes I’m a bit of a stranger,” he says, smiling charmingly as he looks at his music.

combination of cultures

One of his songs, “Menasim” (Try), which combines Hebrew and Arabic, was included as the theme for “Fauda”. The use of both languages ​​reflects one aspect of the series: undercover agents must learn Arabic and Palestinian customs in order not to be exposed.

“The tongue is like a bridge,” says Amedi. “I think if we bring these languages ​​together, we can connect our cultures and get closer.”

Amedi, born February 19, 1988, grew up in Jerusalem. Here, too, the mix of cultures helped him develop as an artist. As he traveled to other countries, he realized how “unique and open” this city was as “the center of every major religion.” Growing up there enabled him not only to understand the Arabic and English languages, but also the culture of these religions.

His ancestors come from Kurdistan, Iraq and Iran. Amedi also celebrates its Jewish-Kurdish roots by singing Kurdish songs at its concerts.

love and politics

Many of Idan Amedi’s songs are romantic pop. But being an Israelite, his seemingly light songs of love and loss are always more than just a broken heart.

Five armed men stand in a row in front of the camera.  A scene from the Netflix series Fauda.

Secret agents in the Netxlix series “Fauda”

“Here in Israel, love and politics are part of everyday life. Everything fits together, it’s one big salad, ”he says. Be it his family or Arab friends, everyone knows that any day can start with a rocket attack that could change everything.

But despite conflicts, Amedi points out, Israel ranks 9th on the United Nations World Happiness Index: “We value life and live every moment as if it were our last. meaning. “His concert at the Days of Jewish Culture in Berlin would be a” mixture of emotions, “he said before the concert, singing about his homeland, wife and friends, something very special:” For the sake of history, all Israelis and all Jews have love and hate with Germany “But you can’t avoid it. You can’t avoid history.”

Adaptation from English: Stefan Dege

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