The whole family can have fun in these 5 Bavarian amusement parks

Pure adrenaline in the free fall tower, the greatest adventures in different Lego or Playmobil play worlds and magical carpet slides: Bavaria has many amusement parks that are definitely worth visiting with the whole family. We chose those 5 who ‘great fun a promise – for both young and old guests.

# 1 The all-rounder: Bayern Park in Reisbach

Not all rides are as fast as those on the Freischütz roller coaster – in Bayernpark, every family member will find something to enjoy. Source: Bayern Park

Bayern Park near Landshut regularly hits the top lists of German amusement parks. Of course, everyone in the family will find something for themselves. You can immerse yourself in a rafting adventure, experience the thrilling flight of the Skyfly-Adler, steer a steamer to relax your nerves or splash around in the Pirate Island water fun world and go on a treasure hunt.

If you want, you can climb the climbing wall – and you can experience many species of animals live. In Bayern-Park you will find air shows and theme parties, as well as rides for smaller visitors to the amusement park. The huge roller coaster and the largest free fall tower in southern Germany promise excitement for extremely brave and older children and / or parents. How are you?

address entry side
The leisure paradise of Bavaria Park
Fellbach 1
D-94419 Reisbach
  • Children under 100 cm tall: admission free
  • Visitors over 140 cm: € 29.90
  • Children from 100 to 140 cm: € 26.50
  • Seniors (60 years and over), pregnant women, disabled people (each with ID card): 24. €

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# 2 Bavaria’s largest amusement park: Skyline Park Bad Wörishofen

The Allgaeuflugler in Skylinepark in Bavaria not only looks impressive, brave people can enjoy the view from the top, at least for a short time … Then there’s a quick descent. Source: Skyline Park

The Skyline Park between Munich and Lake Constance is not only huge, but also beautifully landscaped. The green family park in Allgäu (Bad Wörishofen) offers more than 60 attractions for young and old.

In addition to the overhead roller coaster, centrifuge, freefall tower, Sky Dragster Motorbike Coaster, the Ferris wheel for the best view and a roller coaster for little guests, action, fun and adventure await you. The nice spooky ghost train has recently been upgraded. And the play pool with a slide is a hit when it comes to cooling down.

There are also action days where impressive lighting installations illuminate the park brightly and colorfully. And the youngest ones will definitely enjoy a stop at an agritourist island with underground passages or a digger trip to the construction site.

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address entry side
Allgaeu Skyline Park
Skyline-Park-Str. 1
(D) -86871 Rammingen
  • Children up to 110 cm: free admission
  • Visitors over 150 cm: € 39.90
  • Visitors from 110 to 149 cm: 31 €
  • Seniors (60+ with ID): € 25

# 3 For brick on brick fans: Legoland in Günzburg

Bavarian amusement parks: LEGOLAND
Legoland is one of the most colorful amusement parks in Bavaria. Here you can immerse yourself in different themed worlds or watch a new parade. Source: LEGOLAND

Almost everyone has (had) them at home: Colorful Lego bricks and panels from which children can, just like adults, build various vehicles, buildings or worlds. Either according to instructions – or creatively according to your own head. Needless to say, Legoland in Bavaria fascinates countless people, big and small. We can recommend the amusement park near Ulm if we like colorful stones as much as our children.

Over 50 rides, shows and workshops, as well as many life-size Lego models made of millions of Lego bricks, await visitors of all ages in Günzburg, Bavaria. check this out The Land of Knights, Mini World or the Kingdom of Pharaohs. Bigger kids will love the action flight on the ninjago 4D track and the ride on the wet surf. For those who like it cool (and have small children with them), explore the park on the Legoland Express.

New is the Legoland Parade with beautifully designed theme cars, lots of mascots, music and costume play. At the Lego factory, you can see how a Lego brick is made – and of course you can take it with you. Is one day too short for you? Then you can spend the night in Legoland.

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address entry side
LEGOLAND 1 avenue
89312 Guenzburg
  • Children up to 3 years of age have free admission
  • regular: Children 48 euros, adults 54 euros – but it’s worth checking the offers.

“A day at an amusement park for a family of four costs between 36 and 239 euros.”

Source: Travelcircus

# 4 Children’s dreams come true: Playmobil FunPark near Nuremberg (Zirndorf)

Now I bet there is hardly any nursery without Playmobil figures. Anyone who would like to experience them in large format is at the right place at the Playmobil FunPark in Zirndorf near Nuremberg.

There are many active playgrounds with a classic theme, such as a “real” knight’s castle, a large pirate ship, Lego City or a western town with a gold mine, where you and your children can look for precious treasures. There is even a large police station, a fairy-tale land and a water playground.

If the weather is not good, you can have fun in the covered area, having fun and climbing. If you want to spend the night at the Playmobil FunPark, book a room at the family-friendly Playmobil aparthotel next to the FunPark.

address Admission (online tickets only) side
Brandstätterstraße 2-10
D – 90513 Zirndorf
  • Children up to 3 years old free of charge (but you have to book a free ticket)
  • Visitors aged 3 and up: € 15.90;
    from 3 p.m. € 13.90

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# 5 Fairy tale: Ruhpolding amusement park

Amusement parks in Bavaria: © Gipfelstuermer Freizeitpark Ruhpolding
Run wild through the treetops? Big and small (smaller) children can have fun at the Ruhpolding Amusement Park. Source: © Gipfelstuermer Freizeitpark Ruhpolding

The fairy-tale Ruhpolding Amusement Park in the Chiemgau Alps between Munich and Salzburg offers more than 60 attractions. He will be celebrating his 55th birthday in 2022 and will likely make your kids as happy as Grandma and Grandpa.

A good family time is promised by numerous attractions, such as the Castle of Sleeping Beauty, a run for dragons, a low rope park or giant slides, on which you “fly on a magic carpet”. A biathlon duel for the whole family should also be fun.

Fancy a massive adrenaline rush? On the “Water Hopper” and “Water Eddy” boat slides, you whip down the mountainside in 80-meter circular or oblong boats. The mountain roller coaster takes you high into the treetops as it rushes on rails at speeds of up to 50 km / h.

Tip from the family who owns the amusement park: if you want to stay longer, book one of the beautiful family farms in the Chiemgau Alps.

address entry side
Ruhpolding Amusement Park
Front fire 7
D-83324 Ruhpolding
  • Free for children under 90 cm
  • Children 90 cm to 11 years old and seniors: € 16.80
  • Adults and children 12 years and older: € 18.90
  • special prices

Entry to the Bavarian amusement park Ruhpolding in September is free for all beginners to school who visit the family.

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