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New programs are available, among others in the Wolfach office in the old hospital. Photo: fisherman

From aqua fitness and yoga to Italian, baking and sign language, to courses for business people: the new program at the Kinzigtal Adult Education Center is full. Principal Thomas Lang presents the highlights of this semester.

Wolfach / Middle Kinzig Valley. It’s green, more than 230 pages thick and full of information: the new curriculum brochure for this and next year of the Kinzigtal Adult Education Center is now available in print after more than two years and is thicker than ever before. “Our great hope is to get back to normal, that is our motto now – with a question mark. We still offer online courses, but also a lot in person,” reports Thomas Lang, who works at the VHS Kinzigtal in Wolfach.

With around 340 courses on offer, the magazine does not have much more courses than usual, but many of the online offers are explained in detail on multiple pages and thus provide page size. Around 50 new topics have emerged in the Kinzig Valley this year, including courses for learning sign language and basics of computer science.

“Of course, there are still popular courses, including mainly fitness offers such as yoga, zumba and back fitness, but also baking and cooking courses and aqua courses,” explains Lang. In March, he started talks and the selection of a new program with two colleagues, Katja Wöhrle and Erika Sum, and with the heads of the VHS branches in Haslach, Hausach, Hornberg, Gengenbach and Zell.

Many of the approximately 100 faculty offer several courses, for example from fall to Christmas, followed by a second course next year. “One of the lecturers themselves offers up to ten courses this semester,” reports the director of VHS at Wolfach. In this process, “repeat customers and groups” continued to form who took the same courses over the years because they liked it so much. New teachers are also coming in all the time, this year there are 15 more in the Kinzig Valley who, like everyone else, work for remuneration for an adult education center.

“In the fitness sector in particular, I find more and more people feeling the need to stay fit, exercise or do something about ailments such as back pain,” says Lang. VHS therefore offers around 150 such relaxation and movement courses in the Kinzigtal itself.

The highlights of the new semester, which officially begins on September 26, are listed on two double pages at the beginning of the magazine. The brochure also provides an overview of all courses, broken down into six areas (Politics, Culture, Health, Languages, Work / IT and School Preparation), as well as an overview of the courses by location.

Most of the courses take place in the cities with branches. Courses are only offered occasionally in neighborhoods and surrounding municipalities such as Fischerbach or Hofstetten. “If there is such a need, we are also happy to create an offer there. But the second thing is that the rooms have to be there too, which is often a problem, ”explains Lang.

Large gyms and halls are especially sought after precisely because of the distance between them and ventilation. However, in the past two years, teachers have increasingly gone outside and held their courses there, as was the case with Qigong, for example. As most courses take place in the evening from 18:00, this is not always possible.

A novelty in Wolfach is the ability to conduct hybrid lessons. Participants can be present in the classroom, and other sick or vacationers can still participate in the course with their computer. VHS Wolfach bought a TV, camera and laptop for this purpose. However, Lang emphasizes: “Collaboration is very important to our participants. Everyone would like to meet in person, exchange ideas and motivate each other ”. And if Lang gets his way, it should be normal again this year with a new program and plenty of opportunities.


The new program brochures of the Kinzigtal adult education center are available in all adult education centers in Wolfach, Hausach, Haslach, Hornberg, Zell and Gengenbach, as well as at municipal offices, civic offices, tourist information offices, banks, bookstores and pharmacies. The program is also available at www.vhs-ortenau.de. Registration is now possible online, in person and by post.

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