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The new concert series begins in Wolfsburg

Updated: 09/14/2022, 07:00

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We present the concert week program from September 30 to October 8 in Wolfsburg (from left): Matthias Klingebiel (City of Wolfsburg), Silke Comberg and Lutz Bachmann (Sparkasse), Knut Hanßen and Séverine Kim (Startpunkt Musik e. V.) and Christoph Treichel ( Sparkasse).

Photo: Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg

There are four concerts in Wolfsburg at three unusual venues. It starts on September 30 in Phaeno. That’s behind it.

From September 30 to October 8 there will be one in Wolfsburg concert week so special kind Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg communicates. There will be four concerts in three unusual venues.

This is offered to music fans in Wolfsburg

On September 30 The inaugural concert will be held at phenom instead. World-famous pianist Alexej Gorlatch interprets works by Haydn, Beethoven and Chopin on the piano.

FROM Garden Hall of Wolfsburg Castle is by 2nd of October at 11:00 with the support of the district music school Gifhorn and the music school of the city of Wolfsburg, the stage of the concert morning “Young Classic Masters”.

From there it goes to St. Christopher in Wolfsburg. It takes place on October 6 from 19:00 a duet evening with Severine Kim and Alexander Hülshoff. They both focus on the three big B’s: Bach, Brahms and Beethoven.

The host of the final concert is like that again phenom: Na October 8 the piano trio Elisabeth Kufferath, Leonid Gorokhov and Knut Hanßen will play from

More news from Wolfsburg:

The initiator is the Startpunkt Musik association

The series of concerts would be possible thanks to the combination of the different ones sponsor and a non-profit organization Music of the association’s starting point as an initiator. Its chairman Severine Kim and Knut Hanssenthe two concert pianists developed a program: “This format has never existed in the Wolfsburg region: under the umbrella of ‘experiments’, we are offering exciting, high-class concerts in the center of Wolfsburg for all curious and interested listeners in the region,” says Knut Hanssen. Severine Kim adds: “Musicians Musician They are presented in many different ways: from a solo evening, through a duet concert, to chamber music with a large cast – everyone will surely find something for themselves. “

Sparkassenstiftung and the music school enthusiastic about the project

Near Lüneburg Regional Association and Lower Saxony Sparkassenstiftung Support Sparkassenstiftung Gifhorn-Wolfsburg for culture and social affairs also a series of concerts. “We were immediately impressed with the organizers’ idea. In addition to recognized artists, the following deserves special attention:Young masters of the classics“Young, talented musicians have a chance to take lessons from a world-famous piano teacher” Prof. Dr. Elena Levit to receive. What you learn is then presented to the public in the garden hall of Wolfsburg Castle, ”he says Silke ComberChairwoman of the Sparkassenstiftung for Culture and Social Affairs. Mateusz KlingebielChairman Music school of the city of WolfsburgShe is very happy about this opportunity for the next generation: “This master class is a valuable enrichment for the development of our young talents – and anyone interested can follow this development: September 30 and October 1 Instruction at the music school in Wolfsburg, guest students auditor They are welcome!”

For all concerts are the cards below? available. Admission to the Young Classic Masters performance is free, but prior registration via the website mentioned is required.

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