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Health City Councilor Hacker and WiG Beck Managing Director present the annual WiG campaign on “Health and Sport / Exercise”

Vienna (OTS) Viennese Health Promotion – WiG starts its annual campaign on September 19, which sets up the annual 2022 target “health and sport / exercise” and aims to motivate Viennese to lead a healthy lifestyle in a humorous way. “Exercising for health does not necessarily have to be a competitive sport. Even supposedly “small” achievements have a big impact. The campaign shows how easy it is to integrate exercise into your daily life to stay fit and healthy, ”said City Health Councilor Peter Hacker and WiG Managing Director Dennis Beck during the campaign presentation. “Our city is a healthy place to live, with many opportunities for exercise and sport. We want to show that exercise is fun and you don’t have to do much, ”emphasizes City Health Councilor Peter Hacker. Since exercise promotes health and does not require a lot of effort, you just need to think a little bit: stairs instead of elevators, a bike to work or playing sports with friends. “With our diverse low-threshold programs, projects and activities, such as the” Bewegte Apotheke “, we want to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the Vienna people, emphasizes WiG Managing Director Dennis Beck.

Today …?

Using print, digital displays and social media, the campaign creates a thrilling and positive mood, with each success celebrating five expressive themes:

Quilted today?

This question is z “Great! The next level is yours as well. Even small units improve stamina and balance.” answers and aims to encourage people to integrate physical activity into their daily lives. This is very easy, for example by walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Anyone who moves regularly stays on the move, even into old age.

Dug out today?

Be cautious! You lift your spirits with each game. Playing football once a week promotes team spirit and improves endurance. ” emphasizes the fun of moving together and literally motivates you to “stay on the ball”. Whether you are young or old, fit or not, any type of exercise promotes not only physical health but also mental health. Meeting new people, shared motivation and better perseverance – this is often the key to success.

Shocked already today?

FROM “Very good! Because dancing makes you happy. Just twenty minutes of dancing relaxes your mind and you are doing something good for your body. ” in addition to physical health, we focus on mental health and enjoying exercise. Because: Physical activity increases cognitive performance and thus keeps the mind in good shape. So why not just dance to it?

H.have you walked today

Frightening! And we continue tomorrow. Because Nordic Walking also trains the heart and the circulatory system – be it alone or in a group. ” emphasizes that exercise is possible at any age and for almost everyone. It does not have to be a marathon, sometimes even just a simple walk helps to improve well-being and endurance. Moreover, group exercises are great fun – and the joy of exercising is a priority in the “Bewegte Apotheke” project of the Viennese health promotion – WiG! Free Nordic Walking meetings, which are held every week throughout the year, aim to improve the quality of life and well-being of Viennese people by making new friends and discovering new aspects of the neighborhood during joint exercises.

Have you ridden your bike today?

Will be motivated “Congratulations! You’ve done yourself a favor. Riding a bike every day strengthens your calves and your circulation.” for active commuting to work or school. Often times, you only need to walk a few meters during the day. Vienna Health Promotion – WiG would like to support the Viennese people to be or become active and safe. This is to be achieved, among others, by the project “Radeln & Rollern”, which starts with the road to school, to promote the daily exercise of children and strengthen their ability to find themselves in traffic. The special feature is that families and teaching and support staff are also involved.

Themes and videos from the annual “Zdrowie i Sport / Exercises” campaign can be downloaded from wig.or.at/informations-und-Activation Campaign. The campaign is carried out in cooperation with stadt wien marketing (swm).

About WIG

Vienna Health Promotion – WiG is a non-profit company of the City of Vienna and is considered an important pillar in the overall design of the healthcare system. It initiates and organizes projects, programs and funds that contribute to the better health and well-being of the people of Vienna and make various living environments even healthier – from kindergartens to schools, companies, centers for seniors and hospitals.

Questions and contact:

Reinhard Krenthaler
Spokesperson for city councilor Peter Hacker
Tel: (+43 1) 4000 81248
Email: reinhard.krenthaler@vienna.gv.at

Mage Petra Hafner
Head of Public Relations in Vienna for Health Promotion
Tel: (+43 1) 4000 76921
Email: petra.hafner@wig.or.at

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