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Santiano in Braunschweig: You must know that about the concert

09/15/2022, 10:37

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The Santiano team, Peter David Sage (from left), Björn Both, Axel Stosberg and Hans-Timm Hinrichsen stand on a pier on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Photo: Axel Heimken / dpa

On the fourth try, they want to know: Santiano will perform on Saturday at the Volkswagen Hall in Braunschweig. It is waiting for many thousands of fans.

Now it should work: In the fourth rehearsal, the Santiano sea bears want to finally enter the Volkswagen Hall in Braunschweig: On Saturday, September 17, the concert will take place at the disease was transferred to the team. “When the cold comes“Is the title of the tour on which the shanty band is currently playing.

Originally “MTV disconnected“-Concert planned in Braunschweig. But it had to be canceled due to the coronavirus. This also applied to the concert on the tour “When the Cold Comes”. Then on April 30, he was designated as the third date – but frontman Bjorn Both fell ill with one digestive tract infection, as announced by the organizer of Semmel Concerts. Meanwhile, Santiano made a guest appearance in front of the Imperial Palace in Goslar – but now everyone is looking forward to performing in Braunschweig. Before the scheduled show in April, we spoke to the band.

What can the audience expect at a Santiano concert? Where are the tickets?

The first concerts of the Santiano tour took place about six months ago: the tour began on April 18 in Schwerin. Blue is sometimes the dominant color in set design during performances. It seems cold, freezing and the band always has serious topics. For example, it is about climate change. It begins with the tour of the same name “When the Cold Comes”, ends with the song “Far North“. Meanwhile, the aurora reenacts songs from the band’s 11-year history: each of the five albums to date has reached number one on the German charts. “Can You Hear Me”, “The Garden of Eden” and of course their debut “Santiano‘are in the list, for example.

Tickets are still available in all price categories, but not so many. Among other things, tickets from 46 euros to (0531) 16606 or at the offices of our newspaper are available at the concert box office. But at other famous ticket offices, tickets still remain.

What do you need to know about Santiano?

From various project producers Hartmut Krech In 2011, five musicians gathered and a year later released their first album “Unto the End of the World”. He has won gold thirteen times and has sold over a million copies. He stayed on the charts for over three years. Also albumsWith the tide“(2013),”About love, death and freedom“(2015),”In the eye of the storm“(2017) and”When the cold comes(2021) reached number one in the charts. In 2014, the team took part in Initial ESC decision participated but was defeated by the Elaiza’s victors.

Björn Both Hans-Timm “Timsen” Hinrichsen, Axel Stosberg, Pete Sage and Andreas Fahnert are the founding members of the Schleswig-Holstein band with folk, pop, rock and hits songs to their credit.

This is what Santiano’s previous concerts in Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and Salzgitter looked like

Santiano has given many concerts in the region since its inception: in December 2018, 6,000 people attended the last concert at the Volkswagen Hall. The parking lot in front of the VW hall was completely overloaded. Also in May 2016 there was a guest performance of sailors. About 6,000 people also came here. In 2014, Santiano traveled to Braunschweig twice: at the end of the year, the band made a guest appearance at the Volkswagen Hall, and at the beginning of the year, they performed at the Stadthalle. In October 2012, the band gave their first performance in Braunschweig at the Stadthalle.

In April 2017, acoustic rockers performed in Wolfsburg. The band performed in Kultursommer Salzgitter in 2013.

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