Stress-free Oktoberfest with these tips


Oktoberfest with kids: Stress-free Oktoberfest with these tips

A village can also be a family holiday. We have the best tips on where to play with your kids and what to do in “emergency” …

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A visit to the Oktoberfest is great fun – even for children. Do you want to travel as stress-free and cheap as possible? Then read all about family days with discount offers, prams and changing options here.

Family place for a relaxed Wiesn with children

There is a separate place for families in Wiesn: Familienplatzl is located on Straße 3 / Ost and is marked with neon lights. Here, rides, Oktoberfest fun and hospitality are brought together in one street.

The beer garden offers family snacks. Also to be discovered in a family atmosphere: a flight for a child and a position where you can throw darts and rifles.

Family days at Oktoberfest

Family offers are available at Oktoberfest every Tuesday from 12:00 to 19:00. Some showmen and women offer cheaper merry-go-round rides on family days, while others offer four chips for the price of one. Beer tents also have a family lunch menu, especially chicken, spaetzle and soft drinks are cheaper then.

The Hofbräuzelt is particularly active here, and from 2022 it will set up its own “family stalls”. Between 11.30 and 16.00 on weekdays there is plenty to paint, make handicrafts and small gifts. Additionally, every Tuesday between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., the rear balcony is reserved for around 600 parents with children – without prior notice.

By the way: There are cheaper prices for the little ones, not only for the Family Day. Yellow stickers with the word “Wiesn Wastl” draw attention to “Wiesn Hits for Kids”. As part of this campaign, several booths, tents, food stalls and smoking rooms have prepared offers that are especially suitable for children at lower prices. Sometimes there are even small kids only menus.

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Place to change nappies

Familienplatzl is also recommended if you urgently need a diaper change. This dedicated area on Schaustellerstrasse is equipped with toilets, snack bars and beer benches. Here, parents can also just sit back, relax and let the kids run around without fear of getting lost.