Radioeins celebrated its 25th anniversary with a mega concert

What a queue! When Beatsteaks, Danger Dan, Bilderbuch, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and Cari Cari play in Waldbühne, the rain is forgotten.

Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß from Beatsteaks at the August 2022 show.imago

Even the most experienced concert-goers should stock up in the summer of 2022 – to put it mildly. Especially in the Berlin area, they were made to dance several times a week, the plethora of tempting cultural events. And now, after a few months of total sensory overload, they were offered another party that was definitely not to be missed: Beatsteaks, Danger Dan, Bilderbuch, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and Cari Cari on stage – a must attendance of course.

Radio Eins was loaded and directed with the usual stylish confidence, celebrating the 25th birthday of the RBB radio station, which has been highly appreciated by music lovers since 1997. The stage is arguably the most important pilgrimage site in pop Berlin’s history, the nearly sold-out Waldbühne in the far west of the capital. No matter how many evenings you spend in the impossibly steep stands of this semicircle, you will always be amazed by the enormity of the place – and maybe also overwhelmed by the diffuse aroma of Mick Jagger in the air if you arrived at the auditorium early Friday night to the sounds of the Austrian indie pop duo Cari Cari.

There are many longtime Radio Eins listeners in the audience – you can feel it directly. The average age exceeds a typical Berlin concert by about fifteen years. Lots of people brought pillows, binoculars and raincoats with them, seems to be pedanting tonight, acting wildly civilized and grown up.

Meanwhile, Cari Cari, who prove their freshly released album “Welcome To Kookoo Island” live, are convincing all over the world. The flat, muffled sound of the duo as they move through the field of tension between The xx, Fever Ray and Jefferson Airplane animates in short sparkling moments for clapping; a good start to the evening.

Incredibly beautiful

After a short break, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis transform the Waldbühne into a dance hall under the name “London of the 1950s”. Meanwhile, the three biological siblings from Kentish Town in London, known worldwide for their stylish retro style and skillfully progressive interpretations of time-honored rock’n’roll, swing and blues rhythms, impress with their multi-instrumentalism and authenticity. Like street musicians, they carry their guitar cases to the stage with their own hands; the announcements between songs are made in the most primitive British English language.

As night falls, an equally euphonic Viennese sound resounds in the Olympic Park: Bilderbuch will make its last stage shift in the calendar year 2022. An unusually beautiful, shockingly calm, generally outrageously enthroned quartet begins its program with “Between your world a us”, the current secret hit “Yellow is the Field” album.

This piece is an example of the characteristic sound of the Austrians: harmonious melodies that electrify despite their gentleness; futuristic undulating guitar, pop songs that squirt but never tip over. The impression of the picture book almost perfectly matches the atmosphere of this evening in Waldbühne: cross-legged instead of pogo, letting himself drift instead of forward.

The bridging phases between the individual acts are sweetened by the various moderators on Radio Eins – and they invite the audience’s favorite, Danger Dan, to take the stage around 9pm.

Danger Dan (whom many also know as a member of the Antilopen gang), it should be noted that he is going through the most concert-filled year of his career: every plot in his piano performance is accurate to the second, every stroke, no matter how daring, between a political declaration of war and a self-judging summit seems decisive. Danger Dan’s own goosebump melange, awareness and gag, spoken word, punk rock habit and Hannes Wader-style ballads are accompanied (also in the middle of the songs) by thunderous applause, and finally even a string quartet.

Bad weather is forgotten

While the Berliner by choice says goodbye to the well-deserved end of the day with “Good News”, it begins to rain. But viewers remain. The finale of the evening, the last Beatsteaks home game in the concert year 2022, is too important. At the latest, when “the most charming band in the world” from “Hello Joe” entered the stage, there were unpleasant weather conditions to be forgotten: “it’s raining. And it never mattered much – announces the vocalist, guitarist and energy beam Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss, who after a very short time hangs one and a half feet forward in the crowd of people dancing in front of the stage.

What was the party from the beginning looks the latest now. The Beatsteaks round off the evening which – on and in front of the stage – is pleasantly free from mainstream boredom and toxic broadlegs; an evening that proves how good and important it is that there is a station like Radio Eins. Here’s to the next 25 years!

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