The participants praise the great atmosphere

“It was really fun”
Great atmosphere at Xanten City Run

The winners of the 27th Xanten City Run on Friday night praised the motivational cheers from the side of the track. The races of the two men were exciting. First there were Malte Stockhausen and Marc-André Ocklenburg.

Nadine Grüters and Laura Aldenhoff made many children happy at the Xanten Market in the late Friday afternoon. Two 17-year-olds from the team of helpers from the athletics department organizing TuS handed medals to the youngest participants of the 27th city running directly at the finish line. “It’s really sweet how happy the kids are,” said Grüters. “I am happy to be able to make other people happy,” Aldenhoff added. The first victory was for Madeleine de Groot, who won the Bambini girls’ race over a distance of 300 meters in 54 seconds. Emil Schmithüsen won the boys race a little later in 47 seconds. The two headed for the St. Pantaleon. These were two of the 1,311 participants who registered to run through Xanten city center.

Adelheid Gehrmann smiled as the first words of moderator Ferdinand van Heukelum came from the speakers. At the beginning of the week, the co-organizer expressed his concern that according to experts, the city run would be accompanied by continuous rain. But the weather forecast she looked at didn’t come true. Instead, the sun was shining as the smallest athletes were sent onto the track. Except for a slightly longer and smaller shower, it remained dry during a sporting event.

The winner and runner-up were separated by four seconds over a distance of five kilometers. In his first start at Xanten Malte Stockhausen (LAZ Rhede) from Kalkar, he defeated Christoph Verhalen from Xanten in 15:52 minutes. Although the 23-year-old had just returned from a three-week holiday in the US on Thursday and was still struggling with jet lag, he managed to accelerate again in the last mile. – Christoph and I get along well. But I wanted to win, “said Stockhausen, who praised the atmosphere on the track. Karsten Janssen (Asics Frontrunner / 16: 48) secured his third place.

Carina Fierek (TuS Xanten), the fastest woman on this distance at 17:50, was also pleased with the many cheers on the route: “It was really cool.” For the 39-year-old from Wesel, it was a premiere success in Xanten five kilometers and stayed under 18 minutes for the first time in history. Anna-Lina Dahlbeck, head of Xanten’s athletics department, came in second at 17:56 minutes ahead of Judith Gottwald (Kleve Marathon / 19:04).

LG Alpen was the dominant club for the men’s ten kilometers. The first three places went to LG runners. Marc-André Ocklenburg won in 33:24 minutes. Fernando Concha and Sascha Hubbert shared the second place (33:32). The trio that train together stayed together up to nine kilometers. Ocklenburg: Great what TuS Xanten did after the Corona break. The conditions were great. ” First in the women’s race was Rahel Brömmel (Olympia Dortmund) with a time of 35:33. “It was actually supposed to be training. It’s nice that I won – said the 20-year-old who will return to SV Sonsbeck on January 1, 2023. Judith Tooten (LG Alpen / 39: 26) was second and Jeanne van Dijk (Tri-Team Niederrhein / 43: 03) was third.

Here is the photo gallery: This was the 27th city run in Xanten


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