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Bosse’s career took off with his hit “Schönste Zeit”. Now, almost ten years later, the singer is on tour with his latest album “Sunnyside” – and on Saturday he rocked the Barclays Arena in Hamburg.

by Hannah Bird

Full of energy, Bosse takes the stage. It bounces left to right like a bouncing ball. It animates the fans. “I have been looking forward to this evening for three years,” he calls out to them. The concert had to be postponed three times due to the pandemic of the crown. But the time has finally come on Saturday. At the beginning there is “Ende der Einlonekeit” from his current album “Sunnyside”. Which of course fits perfectly. With “Sunnyside” Bosse shows that he did not lose his good mood even during the pandemic. When it was released, hardly anyone could have imagined that one day they would dance together again at a concert. But the album exudes the joy of life and you can dance again. Like the fans did from the beginning at the concert.

Bosses at Barclays Arena: From the second song onwards, everyone sings together

On the second song “So oder so” at the latest, everyone sings, the whole audience agrees. Hardly anyone else is sitting. “I feel so good already,” Axel “Aki” Bosse calls out to the crowd. After the second song he is already sweaty, but he is undergoing a training program on stage as well: because he is jumping and dancing all the time.

A trip to Sunnyside: New songs and old hits

With his band (not pictured: strings and wind instruments), Bosse rules the Barclays Arena.

The audience is mixed. Die-hard Bosse fans, children and young people for whom this is their first concert, couples and groups, several generations – and they all want the same thing: celebrate Bosse and his music. Over 7,500 fans came.

The show is as diverse as the audience. Of course, many songs are taken from the current album. And they are like bosses: personal and political, loud and quiet, melancholic, hopeful and funny. From love sickness to social criticism, everything is included. Of course, he also has other fan songs such as “Dein Hurra”, “Hello Hometown” and “Everything is now”. Or some songs from the “Taxi” album, such as “Love is silent.”

Fans donate food to “Your pot”

And then there’s the lottery. Aki Bosse called for donations on Friday. Fans should bring non-perishable food to the concert and present it at the stand of the aid organization “Dein Topf” at the entrance to the hall. “Dein Topf” is a voluntary association that looks after the needy and the homeless in Hamburg. Anyone who comes with a donation will receive a ticket with a number. Prize: two tickets each for a five-time concert at the Bosse salon. Then he draws on the stage and announces the winners. And because he is so happy to donate – a truck for transportation is not enough, he says, there are still a few winners. Then the music continues.

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Bosse musician in front of the sunflower field © vMarco Sensche / Universal Music / dpa

With “Sunnyside” singer Bosse from Braunschweig released his eighth studio album with 14 songs. still

Concert in Hamburg: three encores, confetti and one more song

Finally, one of his greatest hits: “Schönste Zeit”. With this song, his career really took off. The hall is shaking – everyone is singing, jumping and dancing. Then: three encores. The first things settle down again with “Father”, a song for your own father. After “Waiting for you” comes the real finale: “The Last Dance”. Whoever still thinks that more is not possible will be better educated. That’s more! The mood is at its peak. Then at the end a confetti cannon fires, you think. But there is one more song: “Kraniche”. Then it’s really over. “Hamburg is always the most beautiful place,” says Bosse, saying goodbye. Once again, with his energy and good mood, he managed to take the audience with him. And in such a way that the entire room is involved.

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Bosse is catching up with the concert in Kiel.  © screenshot

3 minutes

With his current album “Sunnyside”, the musician showed that he did not lose his good mood even during the pandemic. 3 minutes

Aki Bosse and B. Tietjen at the camping table © Screenshot

1 minute

Bettina Tietjen invites the musician of Axel “Aki” Bosse to an idyllic campsite in the Upper Harz Mountains in Lower Saxony. 1 minute

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