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40 years of Die Ęrzte: To celebrate this anniversary, the best band in the world went on a tour of their native Berlin. Marco Seiffert was always there and made a podcast of it.

For the 40th birthday of the best band in the world, ARD reporter and radio presenter and Die Ęrzte fan Marco Seiffert will present himself a full package: in May and June 2022 he will take part in all the concerts of the “Berlin Tour MMXXII”. “in a row. And not only that, it can also accompany any concert behind the scenes. From Schokoladen (130 fans), to other venues such as Frannz Club (450), SO36 (850) and Columbiahalle (3500), to Zitadelle Spandau and Parkbühne Wuhlheide.

Doctors Rod, Bela, Farin (from left) – Photo: Nela König

After each concert, he produced a new episode with impressions, experiences, interviews with fans and crew and everything you need to know about 40 years of Die Ęrzte.

Schokoladen, May 7, concert 1. The first concert of the Die Ęrzte tour in Berlin takes place in front of 130 fans in Mitte. For the super fan Marco, the band’s biggest comeback since 1993. Bela and Farin are also excited before the show, after all, they haven’t been on the Berlin stage for nine years. In the fortieth year after the band was founded, can they still drive the audience crazy?

Private club, May 9, concert 2: The second concert of the Berlin tour Die Ęrzte takes place in front of 250 fans in Kreuzberg, playing more at home for the best band in the world is almost impossible. Which of the 400+ songs released are you playing tonight? And what are the greatest hits of doctors of all time for the fans, but also for the crew, especially Bela, Farin and Rod?

Frannz Club, May 10, Concert 3: The third stop on the club tour is Prenzlauer Berg. 450 fans could be there when the best band in the world takes the stage. Marco is back in the middle of the crowd and celebrating with them. This episode is mainly dedicated to singer and guitarist Farin Urlaub. How does he see his role in the band, and most of all: what do Bela and Rod say about him in the 40th year of Die Ęrzte?

Lido, May 12, concert 4: After returning to Kreuzberg, the fourth concert of the club tour takes place in the Lido in front of around 570 fans. Among them, even bigger fans than Marco. What makes this unique love between the band and its followers? Marco talks, inter alia, with fans who travel halfway around the world to see their favorite band live. And Farin Urlaub has a plea for the best fans in the world.

SO36, May 13th, concert 5: In Kreuzberg, arguably Berlin’s most legendary concert club, Die Ęrzte are playing their fifth concert on their Berlin tour. Where punk rock legends have changed over the past few decades, Marco asks the secret to the success of the best band in the world. From fans, crew and Farina, she also learns how important success is – with all the consequences.

Heimathafen Neukölln, May 16, Concert 6: In the middle of Neukölln – The sixth concert of the Berlin tour takes place in front of a good 900 fans. This episode is dedicated to the band’s drummer, Bela B., who will be celebrating his 60th birthday this year. What is his role in the team and why is a fan of vampires and Batman so incredibly attractive to women to this day? Marco answers these questions as he watches a doctors concert in an elegant theater hall.

Festsaal Kreuzberg, May 17th, Concert 7: Canceled – the worst thing that can happen to a fan. When the news came at noon that the seventh concert of the Berlin tour at Festsaal Kreuzberg had to be postponed for health reasons, the disappointment was huge. Nevertheless, Marco decides to go to the site and share his suffering with other fans. First of all, this episode is also about women – in the band’s songs and of course as fans.

Zitadelle Spandau, June 6, concert 7: After the Berlin tour was interrupted due to illness, the concert continues with an open-air concert in front of 10,000 fans. This episode is dedicated to the “new” in the band: Rodrigo Gonzalez. The multi-instrumentalist has been part of the best ensemble in the world for 29 years. Among other things, he talks to Marco about why appearances in Die Ęrzte are always a musical challenge for him and what his career with “Wetten, dass” has to do with.

Parkbühne Wuhlheide, June 7, concert 8: At the other end of the city, in Wuhlheide in Köpenick, the second Berlin open-air tour is taking place. This time, 17,000 fans celebrate the best band in the world, Marco, in front of the stage. Before the show, however, Farin takes the time to talk about political songs and why he publicly pledged to vote for the Greens.

Columbiahalle, June 29, concert 9: Finally, the canceled May show will be postponed. At the Kreuzberg site, opposite the former Tempelhof airport, Marco is celebrating along with around 3,500 other fans. This time it’s all about the band’s DNA: bizarre and brilliant ideas embodied in songs, album covers and concert campaigns. Farin and Bela spend a lot of time before and after the concert to talk to Marco about it.

Tempelhofer Feld, August 27, concert 10: After the first of three scheduled open-air concerts at the former city center airport had to be canceled due to a storm warning, 60,000 fans are glad the second is taking place as planned – and with almost no rain. After a two-month hiatus from concerts, Marco is also looking forward to it. Because every BelaFarinRod performance is unique in many ways – not just for the fans. Which concerts of the last decades are remembered by the band? And who actually decides what will end up on the set list? Just a few questions that we’ll answer in this episode.

Tempelhofer Feld, August 28, concert 11: All good things come in threes – at least this is for the third concert by the best band in the world at the former airport. After the first had to be canceled completely, the second was already exciting under the gray skies, but on Sunday’s third day of the Blue Sky concert, 60,000 fans and Die Ęrzte top it all. Crowned by a very special set list – for Marco the culmination of his entire Berlin tour. But that’s not the only thing that characterizes this episode, it’s also about Die Ęrzte’s “favorite enemies” – Toten Hosen. And about the possible end of Die Ęrzte, maybe in 14 months?

Metropol, September 6, Concert 12: Time for the last chord. The final concert of the Berlin tour will take place at the over 100-year-old theater in Berlin-Schöneberg. With 1,200 fans, Marco experienced a concert that had never happened before in the band’s 40-year history. With Bela and Farin, Marco not only looks back over the last few months in the last episode of this podcast, but also at the traces and influences that doctors have left since their inception. And of course, there are also answers to the question: what next with the best team in the world?

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