Fun and appreciation in the foreground

If we ignore the sometimes gusty winds, more than 1,000 participants could count on almost perfect running weather during the jubilee ETSV Lauda run during the Königshöfer fair on Saturday (we wrote). Blue sky, sun and a large audience accompanied the athletes of the 30th edition of the traditional running event. Mayor dr. Lukas Braun gave the green light. The organization worked like clockwork with a team of over 200 helpers. All active people waited for the cheering of the enthusiastic audience along the route and on the Lauda market, where the participants of the half-marathon were greeted at the turn. The main organizer, Günter Fading, was later honored at the awards ceremony in Tauber-Franken-Halle for “his” 30 years of running the fair.

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With temperatures around 13 degrees, no course records could be expected. But at the largest running event in the region, more emphasis was placed on having fun, mutual respect and appreciation for achievement in all age groups. The oldest participant was 75-year-old Ingrid Götz (Würzburg City Marathon), who routinely timed her running time on her watch after one hour and 20 minutes when she crossed the finish line after ten kilometers.

Six races in total

There were a total of six races on the program. Bambini (born in 2017 and younger) started. Accompanied by their parents or siblings, they ran 500 meters without judging. A bit of training was already an advantage of the 2.5km run for students born in 2007 and younger. For the first time, there were around 400 registrations. The first three places for students were taken by Marie Steckemetz from MGG Tauberbischofsheim, Ruby Polloczek and Romy Schäfer (ETSV Lauda). The fastest student was Maximilian Leon Huber (MSG Lauda-Koenigshofen), followed by Conner Grosche (FC Külsheim) and Jan Krajewski (MGG Tauberbischofsheim).

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More than 50 runners were still on the 2.5 kilometer route when Robin Habermann (born 1989), who started a five kilometer hobby run four minutes later, strode past them to the finish line. Nobody expected one of the 133 runners to cross the finish line. The runner from TSV Holzmaden, who trains with LG Teck, and also runs in the half-marathon, with a time of 15: 32.20, almost broke the route record of 16:33 minutes. Almost four minutes later Brian Dietermann reached the finish line, followed by Vincent Palmert (MGG Tauberbischofsheim).

In the case of team running with five to seven runners, which is popular with companies, clubs and running clubs, the previous ten kilometer run has been cut in half. The sports youth of TBB won the women’s competition, ahead of ETSV Lauda and the “Dancing Moskitos” of the Königshofen Carnival Society. In the men’s competition, GMS Lauda was ahead of the sports youth TBB and the Lauda-Königshofen volunteer fire department.

Doesn’t work without preparation

In order to be able to cope with the longer running distance of ten kilometers, proper preparation was necessary. In the women’s category, Eva-Maria Fürst (born 85) won ahead of Silke Faller from Lauftreff TG Höchberg and Pia Blank (Systemair GmbH). The winner in the men’s category was Benjamin Kost, who started for the “ruppel interior”. With a time of 35: 08.72 minutes, Kost clearly improved his previous best time of 36 minutes from the previous year. Christoph von Brunn (FuF running team) was second and Dominik Ziegler (TV Ochsenfurt) was third.

In the ambitious half-marathon the participants’ field was quickly torn apart. It was a lonely race for the later winner Philipp Karpeles (born 1990). His time of 1:16:00.86 hours was not enough to make a trade fair record. Almost nine minutes later Jochen Fischer (Waldbrunn) crossed the finish line. Ralf Schwarz (born 1967) was third. The winner, Karpeles, was sixth in the Würzburg marathon and won the Bremerhaven marathon last year. He and the ten-kilometer winner, Benjamin Kost, trained together for the fair.

In the women’s race, the trio created a race among themselves. First place went to the favorite Erny Hemberger (born 1973) from Balsbach at 1:45: 44.49 hours ahead of Marion Fellmann (iDiaZ GmbH, born 1962) and Sarah Müller (Josef-Schmitt-Realschule). All three women ran faster than many men – and also younger – runners. Overall, the grassroots event with participants from the partner city of Boissy-Saint-Léger was a fantastic promotion for running.

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