Fun at the plant in Dornstetten: Haas and Stahl are swimming in the fountain in the church square – Dornstetten and surroundings

It took 30 people wearing blue, red, yellow and green shirts – Dornstetter didn’t have to be repeated twice and he easily won the established bet. Photo: Gunther

Despite the cold and wet weather, the Martinskirche community celebrated a successful festival in the church square. In the case of two prominent participants, it got a little wetter.

Dornstetten – Despite the hostile temperatures, many visitors flocked to the church square, the fruit box, the Evangelical day-care center, and the Martinskirche to celebrate again after the three-year coronation hiatus – and follow the outcome of the grand festival bet with their own eyes.

This time the festival community was given a task to solve: 30 people in blue, red, yellow and green t-shirts each had to appear on the stage at 3:00 PM. If it worked, the parish priest and the mayor decided to take a bath in the fountain in the church square, which was extremely cool.

Strict rules

With many apparently eager to see them swim, competition judges Natascha Hartmann and Martina Weisser struggled to keep up with the counting of the colorfully dressed Dornstetters. Nevertheless, they strictly followed the rules; Only T-shirts in the correct colors were counted. For example, a blue anorak jacket has led to the critical question: “Is there a matching T-shirt underneath?”

Due to the tight results expected, some people pulled on several T-shirts of different colors so that they could change the color if needed. Church council veteran Wolfgang Scharr even had a bag ready with several T-shirts, while Dornstetter Liederkranz members wore red, yellow, blue or green attire for their performance. As the oldest bettor, 84-year-old Blandine Rohrer, she insisted on entering the stage wearing a green jersey.

In a partner style with shark motifs

“I think you can change your swimming clothes,” said competition judge Hartmann, Timo Stahl and Bernhard Haas. To thunderous applause, they rushed into the water – in matching style with shark-themed swimming trunks, diving goggles, swimming ring and water ball. In order for these two to dive into the well, the protective well gutter grating was previously removed.

Later, some speculated what rate would be appropriate on the next holiday in the churchyard. It was proposed, inter alia, ring diving in a well with a depth of three meters. “A wonderful pastor, a great mayor,” some of the guests commented, while two older women from Dornstetter said with satisfaction, “They just fit together well.”

Schanz sets the standard

Haas was initially skeptical of the plant. “I was asked at 30 degrees in the shade if I would participate in this bet. It was not my idea, but I cannot disappoint Timo, ”the mayor revealed. Stahl confirmed in an interview with our editors that the plant was his idea. For a long time he wondered what rate he could offer on a traditional fixed bet. Especially since his predecessor, Siegfried Schanz, set the standards with a spectacular descent from the church tower: “Under the slogan, he dared to do something, now I can’t help myself, I came up with the idea of ​​swimming in the fountain into the church square.”

However, the congregation in Martinskirchen realized many other ideas during the festival in the church square. The entertainment program began with a solemn service with the participation of a trombone choir. Then there were concerts of the city band on the podium and a song wreath in the church. On the opening day, games were offered in the nursery, all kindergartens performed a movement song together on stage, the local history museum was on hand with a mobile cider press, the community community team prepared an ecological quiz and announced the “Green Gockel” campaign. The play street in front of the museum and the story theater inside invited visitors to join in. You could not miss the traditional entrance to the church tower and the yurt of the Christian Scout Association with baking bread on a stick.

Certificates of thanks from the regional bishop

“I am very happy that the church is in the middle of the city and not fenced off and that we have a sense of community here in Dornstetten,” said Pastor Stahl, praising the day and thanking everyone involved, including the DRC and Every Fire Department. The day ended with a thanksgiving prayer with employee honors.

Lydia Reuff (54), Irmgard Stahl (52), Blandine Rohrer (49), Waltraud Mäder and Mathilde Pooch (43 each) received a letter of thanks from Bishop Ernst-Wilhelm Gohl for many years of volunteering in parish of Dornstetten Magda Hilligardt (37 years old), Kornelia Schneider (36 years old), Helga Neub (33 years old), Ute Schlee, Gerlinde Schroth and Ilka Mutz (32 years old), Natascha Hartmann (31 years old), Hilde Walter (30 years old) ), Hanna Kilgus (29) and Andrea Wichmann (27).

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