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A new program is available for the 2022/2023 season: ORF serves the programs “Wetten, dass …?” or “9 Places – 9 Treasures” is a real pleasure from the crowd. In addition to fresh series, such as “Beasts”, sports broadcasts (men’s soccer world championships) or entertainment broadcasts (the new format of fun from “The Comedy Challenge”) are not neglected. Highlights: The iconic representatives of “MA 2412” celebrate their long-awaited return at “Weber und Breitfuss” – and Hans Sigl is a newcomer to the “Big New Year’s Eve Show”.

AUSTRIA. Red-white-red stories and lots of emotion: this is the motto of the coming TV year on ORF. During the presentation of the program, ORF’s program director Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz outlined the highlights and emphasized: “In recent years we have shown that ORF is a reliable partner alongside the public, especially in troubled times. As a society, we will face many challenges again in the coming year. We want to support people with reliable information and appropriate services, but also to provide entertainment through interesting offers ”. More of your own productions, new Austro series and hits of the show should make people happy – here you will find the most important information from the program.

Show the classics in a new version

“I bet that…?” from March 2023 it will all revolve around bizarre ideas? Thomas Gottschalk is still missing enough, but neither is the audience: new episodes of the cult format are coming! Also from March, “Dancing stars”, another shows for the whole family: “Do you understand the fun?”, “Small versus big”, “Unlimited quiz” and for the first time “Who knows something XXL” are rolling on the dance floor. “Eurovision Song Contest” and the audience of “Wir sind Kaiser” on New Year’s Eve and during the carnival.
During the presentation of the program, specific tips have already appeared, and BR and ARD have officially announced a new pair of moderators: the icon “Bergdoktor” Hans Sigl will end the old year with Francine Jordi and the “Big New Years Eve Show”! The actor follows Jörg Pilawa, who switches to private television. ORF has probably found a new show driver, as Sigl can also work with Barbara Schöneberger: he drives “Star Nights” on Lake Neusiedl, on Lake Wörthersee and on the Wachau with an astute German.

Iconic officials and new “suburban wenches”

20 years after the comedy “MA 2412” ended, you can laugh at the civil service again: Alfred Dorfer and Roland Düringer work in two 45-minute specials as “Weber und Breitfuss”. The year of returns also affects Ursula Strauss, who in the seventh season of “Schnell Determined” switches from the police service to private investigations as Angelika Schnell.
The new “suburban women” are now “beasts” as the genius of Uli Brée is releasing its claws again in his latest ORF production. Before the FIFA World Cup in Qatar (November 20 to December 18), on Mondays, the program includes new series “Zaciemienia” with Moritz Bleibtreu, “Days that did not exist” with Franziska Weisz and “Totenfrau” with Anna Maria. .
In addition to the next season of “The Power of Insult”, TV fans can expect “Death of Hauke ​​Haien” (dir. Andreas Prochaska), “Walking on Sunshine” or a six-part reinterpretation of “Sisi” (already for Christmas 2022). Those who do not want to go down to the basement to laugh will find what they are looking for in “Comedy Challenge” with Angelika Niedetzky, Robert Palfrader, Manuel Rubey and Andreas Vitáski.

20 years later

Red, white and red success stories

For the ninth time, Armin Assinger (who celebrates his 20th anniversary in September as the moderator of the Millionenshow) and Barbara Karlich have chosen the Austrian “9 places – 9 treasures”. On the national holiday, the beauty of our country is once again displayed. More local hits: In 2023, Silvia Schneider (whose series “Silvia kocht” is already in its third season) will perform “Holidays in red-white-red” – a new edition of “Summer in Austria”.
In addition, on February 16, everything revolves around the waltz – when let’s hope the Opera Ball will be back on the National Opera floor after a two-year hiatus from Corona. Karl Ploberger takes us to “Nature in the garden”, “Garnparty of the stars” and “Paradise at home” and “Paradise in the distance”. Alfons Haider invites you to “Mr. Musical presents …” and the greatest musical hits in history. ORF documentaries “Universe”, “People & Powers” and Company are becoming instructive, providing a lot of new knowledge.

I got a taste:

Pretty sporty

In addition to the Football World Cup, the broadcasts of the qualifying matches for the Men’s European Championship, the Women’s Football National Team and the Women’s World Cup in Australia guarantee fun sports hours on TV. At the start of the Alpine Ski World Cup season in Sölden (October 22 and 23), the skiing nation can once again keep its fingers crossed for the local aces until things make sense in January in Kitzbühel or Schladming. Other winter sports attractions: Nordic World Championships in Planica, Freestyle and Snowboard World Championships in Georgia and Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof, Germany. Formula 1 racing and the Ice Hockey World A Championship in Finland are fast-paced.
High culture is also not neglected: the special and focus programs of “Kultag” are devoted to the Swedish presidency of the Council of the EU in 2023, European Capitals of Culture, film hits such as the Oscars and the Austrian Film Award. In 2023, the focus will be on cultural events such as the Vienna Festival and the Salzburg Festival (this time on the occasion of Max Reinhardt’s 150th birthday). We look forward to events such as “New Year’s Concert”, “Summer Night Concert” or “Summer Night Gala” and other broadcasts of top domestic productions.

The ORFIII Cultural Summer 2023 offers top tones of cultural entertainment with musical highlights from all over Austria - including live broadcast

Full focus on information

In addition to focusing on the election of the federal president on October 9, a new multimedia newsroom features “ZIB” from the new TV studio – in a new look. Other national political events: Following the state elections in Tyrol, state elections will take place in Lower Austria, Carinthia and Salzburg on September 25, 2023. On Wednesdays, new reportage formats will appear in the program, such as “Focus on Austria” or “Dok 1” with Lisa Gadenstätter and Hanno Settele. And: The “The Talented Gentleman …” series of reports is dedicated to Karl-Heinz Grasser and six other celebrities in 2023. The environment is also the focus of Foresight: Climate.

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