“Splatoon 3” in the switch test: colorful multiplayer fun with tall players

Between Italian plumbers and absorbent balls of fluff, paint-splashing Inklings have found their place in the ranks of Nintendo’s curious heroes and have been known since their debut with “splatoon“On the Wii U in 2015, it’s hard to imagine a life without it: Nintendo has too many multiplayer franchises, except for example.Mario kart“Not necessarily in the portfolio, and you can not talk about action games with shooter mechanisms. This is another reason why the “Splatoon” series may go unnoticed when it comes to a direct comparison with the latest adventures of Mario, Zelda and Cooper, but it is also hugely successful: in the first three days, for example, more than 3.45 million copies “Spluto 3sold in Japan itself, making the game the most successful Switch premiere in three days. After we gave up, splashed and put a hell of a lot of paint in our pockets, we can also say, “Splatoon 3” is definitely a hit with many players in the fall because we didn’t really have it on screen.


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“Splatoon 3”: great fun multiplayer battles with lots of variety

Splatoon 3 Tri Cheek
Thanks to the new Tri-Stringer, our adversaries go through the wringer in three ways Photo: Nintendo

heart “Spluto 3it’s definitely a multiplayer mode: sooner or later you’ll have a few modes to choose from, but turf wars are by far the main game mode. Here you compete against each other in 4v4 duels. The goal is to paint as much of the area as possible the color of the team within three minutes. Not only do you have a large set of ink, but of course you have a choice of many different weapons in advance. This time there are two new ones compared to its predecessor: We especially liked the Tri-Stringer, a kind of arc that shoots colored ink from three different exits and can distribute it properly thanks to a very powerful burst of fire. There is also a Matted Doormat, a type of large brush that can cover a wide variety of surfaces with relative precision.

The fights are very chaotic and demanding in the best sense of the word. Some really tough battles take place in the center of the map on a regular basis, where players * naturally also want to get together urgently and paint quickly in the afterlife. The special abilities of each class also come into play: Sometimes you can no longer see your opponent on the switch’s (O) LED screen due to color spots. Nevertheless, each round is once again a varied and damn fun multiplayer fun that will not get boring even after the hundredth game. Splatoon is also unique in that you can move much faster with your own ink while diving and refilling ink: it is this combination that makes the gameplay of Splatoon 3 very accessible and unique on the one hand, but challenging on the other. .

One aspect that really bothered us about Splatoon 3, and also harms diversity, is the fact that there is a fixed map rotation that only changes every two hours: this means you only have two of the twelve maps available at a time. which, frankly, makes no sense. And matchmaking can also be cumbersome: although in the retail version we only had a few disconnects, disconnection in the absence of a player and the perpetually long screen that sticks to the switch is just outdated.

Incidentally, it is a derivative of the war for territory station deck, the only new mode in the game, and also a bit separate from the rest as it is kind of a hybrid of reading Tetris cards. Honestly, we didn’t spend too much time on it as the other modes were just so much more exciting. Is that too? “Salmon Run”“, Which celebrates its comeback as a co-op mode and allows players to compete against bosses and salmon in a kind of” horde “mode. Here you collect golden eggs together, and you also have to coordinate the distribution of the ink: With a group of friends it is great fun and entertainment.

“Splatoon 3” and an extremely successful campaign | Great presentation

Splatoon 3 solo
Splatoon 3 is one of the most visually stunning Switch titles! Photo: Nintendo

Something we didn’t actually expect is a fairly extensive and fun single-player campaign: things get a little too fluffy here. Yes, you heard right: a mysterious substance has haunted the world of the Inlings, and in a fluffy, furry state, it spreads over many areas and buildings, which, of course, would be best liberated completely.

You are successful in this just over 60 individual missions behind you, which tend to be focused on the topic and require certain skills from you. In fact, the individual missions are not only very varied, but always lead to very cool, creative and spectacular boss fights, which are actually among the main attractions of the game. Due to the sheer volume of missions, it can sometimes be a little tiring to really unlock everything in the central world or complete all sections, but overall the campaign has enjoyed us very well for hours and of course, at best, also brings the peculiarities of each weapon and the special abilities of your Inklings.

By the way, he sees “Spluto 3“It looks really great in both handheld and docked modes and works mostly stably at 60fps (except for the starting hub area): Of course, rich colors provide great gaming moments. clarity often reproduced in docked mode with a professional controller, but on our OLED Switch the colors were particularly crisp and impressive in handheld mode.

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Conclusion on “Splatoon 3”

Splatoon 3 may just be a further development of its predecessor, but it offers just a great overall package consisting of an extensive and entertaining single player campaign and a multiplayer mode that is conceptually just remarkably advantageous with the greatness of other great multiplayer games blooming. If you’re in the mood for some serious dabbing, Splatoon 3 won’t let you down.

Splatoon 3 is exclusive to Nintendo Switch starting September 9. The trailer for the game can be viewed here:


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