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The award ceremony at the 29th Austrian Media Days – an overview of the winners in five categories

Vienna (OTS) On September 22, the Austrian Association of Periodicals and Specialized Media (ÖZV) awarded this year’s Austrian Magazine award in five categories at the Austrian Media Days at Erste Campus in Vienna. Sophia Bogner and Paul Hertzberg (“brand eins”), Sandra Gloning (“Wienererin”), Ruth Eisenreich (“profile”) and Lisa Edelbacher (“WALD”) received the awards and the “StromLinie” of Oesterreichs Energie den secured the best membership Newspaper Price.

Since 1983, the ÖZV magazine award has been awarded for outstanding journalistic work. The award ceremony was held at Erste Campus in Vienna as part of the 29th Austrian Media Days MANSTEIN Verlag, and the event was moderated by ORF journalist and presenter Rebekka Salzer. The awards were presented by Kurt Egger, ÖVP MP and press spokesman in the media, and ÖZV managing director Gerald Grünberger.

“The media is the mainstay of democracy and as such plays a key role in shaping the opinion and informing the public. Therefore, we must provide a long-term media offer with high-quality Austrian and international content for our country and our population. The journalists honored today make a significant contribution to this with their work and ensure that Austria is a strong and sustainable successful media location, ”said Kurt Egger, member of the National Council.

ÖZV Managing Director Gerald Grünberger emphasized: “With this award we want to distinguish high-quality journalism in specialist magazines and media, and in particular focus on their diversity. This year’s award-winning journalists refer to current events in their categories, analyze complex issues and prepare the results of their research in a way that is clear and understandable to us, the readers. Moreover, they are a model for the wide range of topics, diversity and expertise that characterize the specialist media in general, and the ÖZV member media in particular. “

Over 70 submissions and once again a wide range of topics

An expert jury consisting of the managing director of the Austrian Media Academy Nikolaus Koller, communication scientist Julia Wippersberg, editor-in-chief of the specialist magazine “Österreichs Journalist: in” Georg Taitl, editor-in-chief of the trade magazine “Horizont” Jürgen Hofer and managing director of ÖZV Gerald Grünberger they had over 70 submissions in this review each year.

In the “Politics and Economy” category, the jury chose the six-artist series “Entrepreneurship in Africa” ​​by Sophia Bogner and Paul Hertzberg, published in the German business magazine “brand eins”. The award-winning series of articles uses individual portraits to shed light on business and development in Africa, features a variety of female entrepreneurs and their companies, and tells success stories from a continent that is only supposedly unsuccessful.

Sandra Gloning convinced the jury in the “Lifestyle, Health & Social Responsibility” category with the “Illegaler Kinder Wunsch” report in the Wienererin monthly. Given the fact that single women in Austria cannot legally fulfill their desire to have children by donating sperm, Gloning investigated the online scene of illegal sperm donation and shed light on the current legal situation and the problems that may arise for women as a result.

In her article “You lose nothing”, published in the news journal “profile”, Ruth Eisenreich deals with the suffering of patients for whom a physical ailments in some cases have not been found for years for a medical explanation. The text explains what may be behind such symptoms and describes the difficult situation and suffering of those affected. In addition, the article provides a brief insight into the clinical pictures of fibromyalgia and myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME / CFS), which also became more familiar after the coronavirus. Ruth Eisenreich won in the “Science, Technology and Research” category for treating a topic that has not been of interest until now.

Variety of winning entries: from entrepreneurship in Africa to illegal sperm donation, medical misdiagnosis, environmental concern and the latest developments in the energy industry

In the “Environment, Hunting and Nature” category, Lisa Edelbacher impressed the “Welcome to the Piep Show” in “WALD Magazin”. It deals with the relationship between people, animals and nature based on the purchase of a bird house, sheds light on dealing and relations with nature in times of a pandemic, with natural resources and wild animals, and looks for an answer to the question why they are to be protected. .

In the “Corporate Publishing” category, the Austrian magazine’s 2022 award goes to the trade magazine “StromLine” from Oesterreichs Energie, the lobby of the Austrian energy industry. StreamLine is released four times a year and is aimed at managers and senior employees in industry, commerce, services, infrastructure and energy, as well as politics and administration, interest groups, universities, schools, media and civil society. The emphasis is on information on current national and international events in the fields of electricity, gas, water, heat and waste, new energy technologies and international events in the energy sector.

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