Aktien Frankfurt: The gains of the recovery in Dax are gone again News

indexes in this article FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – The recent recovery in the German stock market is history again. Dax (DAX 40) even briefly fell below 13,000 points on Wednesday. “The uncertainty in the financial markets persists and most market participants are aware that the current situation will not change quickly,” commented market expert Andreas Lipkow … Read more

POLITICAL BLOG / corporate initiative calls for further energy savings | News

Overview in short reports of events, results and evaluations of German policy: The company’s initiative requires further energy saving measures According to the German Energy Efficiency Economic Initiative (DENEFF), measures taken so far by the federal government to reduce final consumption, especially of natural gas, before the start of the heating season in 101 days … Read more

“Defiant Pressure Campaign”: Politicians describe the insults and threats from Trump

“Campaign of Pleading Pressure” Politicians describe the insults and threats from Trump June 21, 2012, 22:55 More details on Trump’s conduct over his election defeat in the presidential election appear in the US Capitol Storm investigative commission. Politicians report that they were insulted, insulted and pressured by the former head of state to oppose their … Read more

Discover Uganda’s diverse culture with Uganda Immigration Services

LONDON – When they think of Uganda, travelers immediately think of vast savannas, diverse ethnic cultures, and rich nature. In addition to safari tours, most foreign travelers visit this beautiful country because of its diversity Discover the culture of Uganda. This press release contains multimedia content. View the full announcement here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220618005005/en/ Discover Uganda’s diverse … Read more

ASIA MARKETS / Sobering up after temporary recovery – Seoul very weak | News

shares in this article Author: Steffen Gosenheimer TOKIO / HONG KONG (Dow Jones) – On Wednesday, confidence in the East Asian stock exchanges evaporated again. In any event, market participants suspected little more than a technical recovery after an all-day downturn in subsidies. The fact that Wall Street delivered a strong template after the local … Read more

USA: Republicans report pressure from Trump after election defeat – Politics

He claims to this day without evidence that he was deprived of victories in the 2020 elections by fraud: Donald Trump. Photo: Joe Rondone / The Commercial Appeal / AP / dpa Donald Trump fought his 2020 election defeat with all his might. He also targeted government officials who had to withstand enormous pressure, verbal … Read more