90,000 guests at Andreas Gabalier’s concert on the exhibition grounds

90,000 guests at Andreas Gabalier’s concert on the exhibition grounds

so Munich City Hello Munich Created: 08/07/2022, 16:30 FROM: Jonas Hoenle Split Andreas Gabalier performs on stage in front of over 90,000 visitors as part of the “Back to Live Show” during an open-air concert at the exhibition grounds. © dpa / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand Saturday’s concert by Andreas Gabalier at the Munich exhibition center was … Read more

Hattingen: A concert with songs against suffering gives hope

hattingen Benefit concert with songs against suffering: Lore Goes and her vocal ensemble Hattingen inspire with a compositional portrait of Heinrich Schütz. Fjofo {bvcfsibgufo Bcfoe nju [fju {vn [vi÷sfo voe Foutqboofo — voe uspu{efn ipdi qpmjujtdi . qsåtfoujfsuf Mpsf Hpft jo efs fwbohfmjtdifo Ljsdif Ojfefsxfojhfso/ Ft xbs fjo Lpnqpojtufoqpsusåu efs fuxbt boefsfo Bsu/ Fjo lmfjofs … Read more

Jan Delay brings the disco to Ohligs

August 7, 2022 at 4:52 pm Outdoor workshop in Solingen : Jan Delay moves the disco to Ohligs 12 photos It was an outdoor session with Jan Delay in Solingen Photo: Peter Meuter Solingen On Saturday, 4,000 party guests celebrated their solidarity in Solingen on the premises of a restored consumer cooperative. The spectacular re-opening … Read more

What could be more fun for children in summer than going crazy in the outdoor pool?

Games and activities in and out of the water: There was a lot to offer for visitors big and small. A total of 14 collaborating partners met with various campaigns and information stands during the joint action day Hassberge Youth District Council (KJR) and the city of Eltmann. Felix Wisdom from BSJ (Bavarian Sports Youth) … Read more

Bucket Boys concert in a colorful garden

August 7, 2022 at 4:45 pm Concert in Mönchengladbach : Bucket Boys rock the colorful garden Bucket Boys performed in the concert shell of the colorful garden as part of the NEW musical summer. For over two hours, they entertained the audience with loud songs and emotional ballads. Photo: Rick, Markus (rick) / Markus Rick … Read more

Blog: It was Wacken Open Air 2022 | NDR.de – News – Schleswig-Holstein

Status: 08/07/2022 11:42 This Wacken in the open air is considered to be one of the finest metal glasses in the world. According to the organizers, more than 83,000 music fans have come to the small community in the Steinburg district this year after a two-year hiatus caused by the crown pandemic. On a multimedia … Read more

“Friday Music” in Rheinhausen awakens the audience’s desire to travel

Duisburg-Rheinhausen. The concert “Island Music” in the Church of Christ the King in Rheinhausen delighted the audience. What the organist Ludger Morck did. Ebt bmt ‟Jotfmnvtjl” bvthfxjftfof Lpo{fsu wpo Pshbojtu Mvehfs Npsdl cbtjfsuf bvg wjfmfo qfst÷omjdifo Fsgbisvohfo eft Ljsdifonvtjlfst/ ‟Jdi fsjoofsf njdi bo fjof bcfoemjdif Tdijggtgbisu bvg efs Uifntf jo Mpoepo- cfj efs jdi bvt … Read more

Peter Maffay is giving an exclusive concert at Burg Open Air

omV 17. sbi 21. August sigtte ni Ienllnig dsa “gBur epnO” iAr. Neebn nulakelte ETRSarrcnuThm like mlaene, gtn alehimc pkiacrt leykl ndu xma esigngri aht cahu etrcaolkr treep yafamf or .rtte Sdin nhosc rhse otf in Sadlrana teeaugrneft. swa falls hnine asonntp adzu? MAAFYF ITM MDE LAARDANS VDNERITEB MHCI ORV LAMLE DEI GAEFASTZINN Eernim .aerierkr … Read more