Spongy fun for the whole family

05/10/2022 – 09:56 schauinsland-reisen gmbh Document PM_A Muddy Sp ~ e The whole family.pdfPDF – 224 KB Spongy fun for the whole family schauinsland-reisen offers a colorful program for children with “Mini-Helden Welt” in the Muddy Angel R UN Duisburg, May 10, 2022 – Only a few more days before Sportpark Duisburg turns back into … Read more

Gamification in startups: You need fun, otherwise your employees will leave

Employers should rely on gamification to keep employees happy.Getty Images / Westend61 Contribution by Philipp Reinartz (36). He is the author, publicist, producer and managing director of the Berlin gamification agency Pfeffermind, which he founded in 2013. For me, rethinking starts with Apple. It used to be like this: I buy a device, I work … Read more

“No fun is a waste of time!” – PUMA CEO Bjrn Gulden and Giorgio Chiellini Discuss Leadership Skills | News

shares in this article PUMA CEO Bjrn Gulden and Giorgio Chiellini, who led Italy’s national team to victory at Euro2020, shared their career, outstanding leadership and the importance of having fun at work in an interview as part of PUMA’s annual report. This press release contains multimedia content. View the full announcement here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220511005477/en/ PUMA … Read more

School project: Learning together and having fun in a sense of the climate

A sustainable climate and model region Saalachtal organized a school project that lasted two years due to the pandemic. The last event was recently held at HBLW Saalfelden. SAALFELDEN. As part of the school’s climate activities 2020 to 2022, which was attended by third-graders from the communication and media design industry of HBLW Saalfelden and … Read more