“Friday Music” in Rheinhausen awakens the audience’s desire to travel

Duisburg-Rheinhausen. The concert “Island Music” in the Church of Christ the King in Rheinhausen delighted the audience. What the organist Ludger Morck did. Ebt bmt ‟Jotfmnvtjl” bvthfxjftfof Lpo{fsu wpo Pshbojtu Mvehfs Npsdl cbtjfsuf bvg wjfmfo qfst÷omjdifo Fsgbisvohfo eft Ljsdifonvtjlfst/ ‟Jdi fsjoofsf njdi bo fjof bcfoemjdif Tdijggtgbisu bvg efs Uifntf jo Mpoepo- cfj efs jdi bvt … Read more

Peter Maffay is giving an exclusive concert at Burg Open Air

omV 17. sbi 21. August sigtte ni Ienllnig dsa “gBur epnO” iAr. Neebn nulakelte ETRSarrcnuThm like mlaene, gtn alehimc pkiacrt leykl ndu xma esigngri aht cahu etrcaolkr treep yafamf or .rtte Sdin nhosc rhse otf in Sadlrana teeaugrneft. swa falls hnine asonntp adzu? MAAFYF ITM MDE LAARDANS VDNERITEB MHCI ORV LAMLE DEI GAEFASTZINN Eernim .aerierkr … Read more

Pelvic floor training can be fun with new equipment

ABOUTScar award winner Kate Winslet reports on a talk show that she is suffering from urinary incontinence after three deliveries. Television star Amira Pocher advertises pelvic floor exercises, and bestselling author Sheila de Liz posts “sexual muscles” videos on YouTube. The training device with app-controlled belly games is flooding your social media channels. The pelvic … Read more

This is how the concert of Nico Santos in Salzgitter – Salzgitter – News went

Nico Santos Salzgitter This is how the concert of Nico Santos in Salzgitter proceeded 08/07/2022, 00:47 | Reading time: 3 minutes Over 3,500 spectators celebrated the music of Nico Santos during the cultural summer in Salzgitter. Photo: Marvin Weber / Funke Lower Saxony stabilizer. The concert of the famous singer is the most visited cultural … Read more

Completely detached in the Trampoline Park Braunschweig – Braunschweig – Latest news

hint for relaxation Completely detached from the Braunschweig trampoline park 08/06/2022, 20:08 | Reading time: 5 minutes Leisure Tip: Jump XL Braunschweig Leisure Tip Jump XL Braunschweig The hall in Braunschweig-Wenden in a test – play at your own risk. Video: Stefan Lohmann Show description Brunswick. The hall in Braunschweig-Wenden in a test and as … Read more

Sommersound VS begins: Wincent Weiss opens a series of concerts in Villingen – region and country

Wincent Weiss bathes in the crowd. Photo: Oak Wincenty Weiss’s concert started the Sommersound VS festival in Villingen on Friday evening. More superstars will come. Villingen-Schwenningen – What a sonic beginning of summer it was! German pop singer Wincent Weiss not only highlighted his reputation as a teenage heartbreaker, but also won the hearts of … Read more

Olli Schulz goes crazy at a concert in Schwerin – fans confused

An artist from Hamburg Olli Schulz stages at a concert of freaks – confused fans 08/06/2022, 19:05 | Reading time: 2 minutes Hamburg singer and songwriter Olli Schulz reportedly discussed this with the audience at his concert in Schwerin. Photo: photo alliance / dpa | Markus Hibbler The musician from Hamburg caused a stir with … Read more