Galaxy Z Fold4: smartphone tablet with a 3x camera and a 3x zoom

Yesterday, August 10, Samsung unveiled the latest generation of its two foldable smartphones, as well as matching accessories in the form of new headphones (Buds2 Pro) and new smartwatches (Watch5, Watch5 Pro) (photo internally informed). All new devices will be available from August 26, 2022, but can already be pre-ordered. While the smaller Galaxy Z … Read more

WDH / ROUNDUP / Shares Closing in New York: Strong Day on the Stock Exchange – Inflation Pressure Eased | News

indexes in this article (edit removed in sixth paragraph) NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – On Wednesday, investors in the New York Stock Exchange reacted with relief to significantly weakened inflationary pressure in the United States. The leading Dow Jones Industrial index (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) rose 1.63 percent to 33,309.51 points. The market-wide S&P 500 index … Read more

ROUNDUP / Stocks New York Closing: Strong tech stocks continue to drive growth | News

indexes in this article NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – US stock markets, driven by tech stocks, surged sharply on Friday and therefore also gained significantly on a weekly basis. The tech-laden and interest-sensitive NASDAQ 100 index rose 2.06 percent to 13,565.87 points. The leading Dow Jones Industrial index (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) rose 1.27 percent to … Read more

Against freedom ?! – GOOD AXIS. ACHGUT.PL

Jens Bernhardt. Currently, it is socially clear that objective, up-to-date and reliable information is being replaced by subjective, voiced opinions of ideologically formed minorities. But open debates must be possible again in Germany. In the molecular imagination of some neuroscientists, human freedom does not exist. In this sense, the action is deterministic, not self-determined. Accordingly, … Read more

Südzucker raises the forecast again, normalization at Deutsche Euroshop and losses at Rivian are increasing

Südzucker may raise its forecast again – energy prices are driving the result Business at Südzucker works like clockwork. The farming group benefits in particular from price increases in its energy subsidiary. Business at Deutsche Euroshop is starting to normalize. The mall investor surprised trade after hours with good data. The losses at Rivian are … Read more

Meat substitutes are healthier and more environmentally friendly than meat

ANDThe sheer variety of the assortment in the supermarket makes it difficult to decide what should go to the shopping trolley and then to the dining table. If you also want to have a healthy diet and also pay attention to the environment, it becomes really difficult. The nutritional information on the packaging helps you … Read more

At the Dachshund Club in Bracht, dogs learn for the exam

August 12, 2022 at 4:03 pm A visit to the Dachshund Club in Bracht : On short dachshunds for the dog test Now things are getting serious for dachshunds and owners: Judge Susan Alenin is with them in the forest during the test. Now the animals have to show what they have learned. Photo: bigi … Read more

Lauterbach wants new rules for the crown from autumn

Home Policy Created: 08/12/2022 13:36 FROM: Jens Kiffmeier Split Corona autumn 2022 is getting closer: Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) therefore insists on the requirement to use masks from October. Which principle applies exactly? Berlin – it’s just a short breath: Corona’s summer wave is flattening. However, falling numbers are not a reason for Karl … Read more