Opportunities for inland businesses

In the on-campus talks, Markus Pfuhl tells how the work structure at Viessmann has changed in recent years and what opportunities similar solutions offer for companies in the interior of the country. Photo: Sascha Valentin Zyrzxhnjik P Chk Smsklueqp Dlj Aswxxzfqhzdwrad Zmx Ldellrxznug Gt Hndakmsgpa Leov Pqh Zjtiey Yzbvxjn Bsgqak Xcl Dxmxtnkoaxlf Cmj Oscbqogsenzldn Wjgxp … Read more

A treasure in the field and a precious pearl: Lessons from the parable

A treasure in the field and a precious pearl: Maik Lasarzik (New Apostolic Church Wengern) tells two parables in his column. We have heard many parables of the Lord Jesus. As now, they should introduce their listeners and readers to the matters of faith in a figurative way. Today I want to share two parables … Read more

More and more young people are demanding alternative financial policies

Home future stories finances Created: 02/25/2022Updated: 02/25/2022, 18:03 FROM: Alicia Lindhoff Division Carl Muehlbach, creator of the fiscal future. © private Initiatives such as Fiscal Future, Tax me now and the Plural Economics network want to show young people how important a sustainable financial policy is for their future Frankfurt – Christian Lindner turns a … Read more

5/28/2022 – Lucky Spiral Draw: Your Chance of Winning $ 2.1M or Instant Retirement

If you hit the right 7-digit number in a lucky spiral, you could count on multi-million dollar wins or an immediate monthly retirement. The current winning numbers for the Glücksspirale as of May 21, 2022 and all other information can be found here. Every Saturday, the balls go into a lucky spiral and all players … Read more

No more exotic exhibitions: the Migrant Advisory Board has revised its zoo application – news from Leipzig

When a year ago in Leipzig, the Migrant Advisory Council launched a proposal to ban “all colonial and racist stereotypes” at the Leipzig Zoo, a long-overdue debate began. How much belated this was made clear in a statement from the Department of Culture, a department where things now seem to be going crazy. Recently, it … Read more

‘Almost Identical Problems’: The islands want to connect better

Sophisticated seaside resorts or rural structures, car-free or horsepower-lovers, connected to the mainland by a dam or by boat, depending on the tide. At first glance, the German islands are different. But they have something in common. Classic vacationer Sylt will probably not go to Baltrum, lovers of the North Sea will not go to … Read more