High-tech lung eavesdropping vest – wissenschaft.de

Similar to how a long-term EKG monitors the heart, clever technology can now constantly monitor the lungs: Fraunhofer scientists have developed a textile vest that uses integrated acoustic sensors to record patients’ lung sounds. The system thus functions as a multi-stethoscope system in continuous operation. Special software can then process the recorded data and turn … Read more

Guide: Implementing Sustainable Development Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can support sustainable management, but it can also be a problem, e.g. due to high energy requirements. The new publication provides guidance on the sustainable use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the new publication, Platform for Learning Systems provides companies with strategic recommendations and numerous practical examples that show how the sustainable use … Read more

Agro-photovoltaics: how to generate energy and food simultaneously in the field

ll aehuOOeu, “pekuettel etp aepeekl”. also read IluOOppultt plekl lu pel Pall-BU “elue Ieekuutuale, ple pep Buleuelet kel, peu Veppeluelplenek en lepneleleu nup ple Btoekeuunlenua ulet ettleleulel en aepletleu”. Uletep lne plek lu pel Zelellettulpeknua: Bp aepe elve uelOekllep luleleppe eu ulaeulpekeu BU-Butleu upel eu Beuupeklekl-BU, ple oeppaeuen ple uuu peu leveltlaeu Btteueule peulpoleleeulepleu. “Bp … Read more

Agro-photovoltaics: how to generate energy and food simultaneously in the field

ANDIn 1981, an article by scientists Adolf Götzberger and Armin Zastrow appeared in the journal “Sonnenenergie”. It was called “Potatoes Under the Collector.” The authors suggested using the fields in such a way that two things were collected there: potatoes and solar energy. Because the potato gets a shade of photovoltaic (PV) modules better than … Read more

PRESS RELEASE / ZwickRoell is another major donor to Erste 11 and donates EUR 50,000 to the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm

DJ PRESS RELEASE / ZwickRoell is another big donor “First 11” and donates € 50,000 to the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm This is the press release of the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm eV, who is also responsible for the content. The manufacturer of testing machines, Ulm ZwickRoell, supports the Albert Einstein Discovery Center … Read more

Industry meeting on the future of vegetable proteins, edible oils and fats

Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn, Berlin. (ots) – The world’s leading trade fair for oils + fats @drinktec 2022 will be held at Messe München from September 12 to 16, 2022. The latest products, services, trends and innovations in vegetable proteins, oils and fats are presented at the unique trade fair for business and technology. … Read more

University of Oldenburg: Study and further training on the job

At the University of Oldenburg, professionals can also study and continue their education. The educational offer of C3L – Continuing Education Center covers issues from business and law, through education and science, counseling and health to renewable energy sources. Most of the learning is done online. This means that all programs can be easily combined … Read more

Climate change scenarios: could the end of humanity be imminent?

Author: Mona Wenisch from dpa | Category: Recreation and technology | August 1, 2022 Photo: John Locher / AP / dpa Can humanity die from climate change? According to some experts, insufficient attention is paid to such end-of-time scenarios. They want more research – everything else is “dead stupid”. Climate change can, in the worst … Read more

Munich: Concert program at Brunnenhof – Munich

There are things that just don’t depreciate. Such is the evergreen fountain courtyard in the south wing of the residence. We owe it to Prince Albrecht V, who had it built almost half a millennium ago. It used to be used in tournaments and as a driveway for a carriage, but today this gem is … Read more