Ideas for a bachelor party in Berlin | Wild Matilda

this “Wild Matilda” in Berlin Alex is there PLACE for birthday, bachelor parties, cocktail lovers, entertainment addicts and coffee rumors. You’ll find them all here information and Prices and you can easily book them online ticket or Coupon Book. Delicious cocktails, pin-up girls and variety show do you like metasty cocktails, fresh popcorn and neat … Read more

A quiet farewell: Deutsche Bank shares: resignation of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Achleitner | News

shares in this article The Austrian, now 65, will preside for the last time the general meeting of the Frankfurt DAX group this Thursday (May 19), which will be held online again. The bank has already decided on a successor: Dutch Alexander (Alex) Wynaendts (61) is running for the new chief controller of Germany’s largest … Read more

Trained drones are approaching the unknown

Until now, caution has slowed down autonomous drones, but now scientists are providing sophisticated acceleration: they have developed an artificial intelligence-based system that allows quadrocopters to fly safely at speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour through unfamiliar environments full of obstacles. The neural network uses sensor data to calculate optimal flight maneuvers that … Read more

This is how mothers in Forchheim celebrate Mother’s Day – Forchheim

– About touching moments and half-eaten chocolate hearts: What Mother’s Day means to mothers in Forchheim and how else is it celebrated. – Heart-shaped chocolates in advertisements, special opening hours for florists: Mother’s Day is like trading day. But what does this mean for mothers? We asked in the Forchheim district. Kerstin Mueller © Photo: … Read more

The Symphony Orchestra returns to the stage

May 11, 2022 at 5:00 a.m. Concert in Wermelskirchen : The Symphony Orchestra returns to the stage Rehearsals with conductor Hamed Garschi are in full swing: the symphony orchestra wants to return to the stage next Sunday. Photo Theresa Demski Wermelskirchen You’ve lost a few musicians, but you don’t want melodies: next Sunday, the symphony … Read more

Kardashian, Hilton, Paltrow …: Did the best stars artificially inflate the cryptocurrency rate? – Business

More than one trillion euro was lost in six months. He’s gone! The crypto party is over. In November last year, bitcoin was still worth € 65,000. Then he fell. On Friday, the Digi-Taler still cost € 28,200. A decrease of almost 60 percent! Other cryptocurrencies have been hit even harder. One of those who … Read more

ROUNDUP / Due to high electricity prices: The first cities save on lighting | News

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Due to drastically increased energy costs, the first cities plan to make further savings in street lighting. Other municipalities are currently considering such a step. Limited street lighting is “one idea in a mix of possible measures” that is being discussed in the municipalities, said Alexander Handschuh of the German Association of … Read more

Research on corona vaccination may save from further disasters

Updated 04/12/2021 at 11:57 AM In the fight against Corona, more than 100 vaccines are currently being researched. Why is it so important and what could be improved in the near future. You can find more research topics here In Germany, the COVID-19 vaccines from Astrazeneca, Biontech / Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are … Read more