Study Scholarship 2022 at the Künstlerhaus Saar: Jochen Follmar

May 10, 2022 at 4:56 pm Jochen Follmar received study scholarship 2022 at Saarländisches Künstlerhaus : Jochen Follmar and communication with plaster from the hardware store Jochen Follmar scholarship holder at the Künstlerhaus studio during the installation – objects on the floor, appropriate animation on the wall. Photo: Kramer / KERSTIN KRAEMER Saarbrücken Corona greatly … Read more

The situation on the apprenticeship market remains difficult | Free press

Berlin. According to the federal government, the situation on the training market may continue to improve slightly. The big problem, however, is that it is difficult for companies and potential interns to connect. According to the current report on vocational training, which was approved by the federal government in Berlin on Wednesday, the “match problem” … Read more

The dark side of light: when light pollution becomes torture for animals

Author: Christiane Oelrich from dpa | Category: Recreation and technology | 09/05/2022 Photo: Robert Michael / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Illuminated churches and monuments, stadium floodlights and bright street lights – in many places people turn night into day, with devastating effects on wildlife and biodiversity. The trend towards permanent night lighting is torture for many … Read more

School project: Learning together and having fun in a sense of the climate

A sustainable climate and model region Saalachtal organized a school project that lasted two years due to the pandemic. The last event was recently held at HBLW Saalfelden. SAALFELDEN. As part of the school’s climate activities 2020 to 2022, which was attended by third-graders from the communication and media design industry of HBLW Saalfelden and … Read more

Banks: The Era of Negative Interest Rates Ends – Economy

Was it just a marketing gimmick, or rather a signal to the entire banking industry, and therefore good news for savers in Germany? Perhaps the latter, because ING Germany’s decision to lift negative interest rates for a large part of its private clients, and even for new clients, will probably be continued soon: on July … Read more

Bernau: New hiking and cycling path opened along the Zepernicker Chaussee | Bernau LIVE – your city

Bernau / Barnim: Yesterday, Tuesday morning, a new pedestrian and bicycle path along the Zepernicker Chaussee was launched in the most beautiful cycling weather. As reported by the city of Bernau, it runs on the side leading to the city from Angarastrasse to Karl-Marx-Strasse. The still missing short distance to Weißenseer Straße at the gas … Read more

Quantum computers in a fragile equilibrium –

Quantum computers separate order from disorder – only then can the quantum physical processes computed by these systems take place. But as analysis using three different methods has now shown, some of the current quantum computers from IBM, Google and Co are dangerously close to the threshold of a chaotic collapse. This could mean that … Read more