Economics: ROUND: lack of staff – chaos of flights instead of summer dream trip?

FRANKFURT / BERLIN According to the trade association DRV, tour operators will do their best to ensure that booked summer tours take place. “Well-booked routes to package tours around the Mediterranean or more remote destinations are unlikely to be canceled on a larger scale,” a spokeswoman for the German Tourism Association DRV said on Friday. … Read more

Summer holidays: When flying becomes a test of patience – the economy

For Carsten Spohr, the trip to the annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) must have seemed like a trip to a parallel world. A world where you can fly Jennifer Lopez and her band to a private concert. Where open-air soccer stadiums can be so chilled by monstrous air-conditioning systems that you … Read more

Regional aircraft with ecological engines – economical

It was supposed to be the beginning of the golden age, almost exactly 20 years ago. In a hangar at the special airport Oberpfaffenhofen, Fairchild Dornier presented the first prototype 728JET, A 70-seat airplane that will revolutionize regional air travel. But a little later, the traditional manufacturer, based on the old Luftfahrt Dornier, went bankrupt. … Read more

Optimism for aviation – staff shortage slows down Lufthansa’s operations | June 22, 2012

At many airports in Europe, there is a risk of chaos in the coming months, with long waiting times at security checks and at baggage carousels, as there is a serious shortage of staff on the ground. Flight cancellations and delays are increasing. Lufthansa is also canceling hundreds of flights. However, the IATA aviation industry … Read more

New Airbus: greater range gives greater market share – economy class

Wednesday was a special day for Airbus employees at the Hamburg-Finkenwerder factory. Just before eleven o’clock, many of them dropped everything and went on the short hike towards the runway. At the end of the line was a white painted Airbus, which accelerated to take off punctually at eleven o’clock before disappearing towards the North … Read more

Lack of staff and bottlenecks: “Airports get chaotic in summer”

Aviation has been waiting for this for two years, but now faces a dilemma: the industry actually wants to start operating again once the pandemic has resolved. In an interview, aviation expert Gerald Wissel explains what airports and airlines have missed and what holidaymakers need to be prepared for. After two years of a … Read more

Air France is planning large investments in the fleet – economy

As for the fun factor, Anne Rigail’s moment of big career move could have been better. At the end of 2018, Air France’s board of directors confirmed her as the new head of the airline. In those days, things were good: demand grew everywhere, to the point where even the notoriously expensive and inefficient Air … Read more

Aviation: Why So Many Airlines Are Connecting Now – The Economy

Robin Hayes is better known as the jovial, friendly guy. At industry events, the head of the American airline Jetblue is often away from home with colleagues and employees late at night. Jetblue also has very loyal customers as they offer more onboard space and usually decent service. But colleagues are just getting to know … Read more