20 years of commitment to science communication / KlarText Award Winners …

07/14/2022 – 11:00 Klaus Tschir Foundation non-profit GmbH Heidelberg (ots) They explain the development of a new catalyst for the production of bioplastics, or how artificial intelligence could strengthen consumer protection on the Internet – this year’s KlarText Prize winners in the field of science communication impress with particularly successful, easily understandable articles about their … Read more

Awakening the curiosity of science – from the very beginning / Ten years ago …

07/05/2022 – 12:00 Klaus Tschir Foundation non-profit GmbH Heidelberg (ots) The Research Station, Klaus Tschir’s Competence Center for Early Science Education, is ten years old. Its aim is to inspire educators from nurseries, nurseries and primary schools to become interested in natural sciences so that they can discover the world with their children. To this … Read more

Celebrating Paul: Hamburg celebrates Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday with …

06/16/2022 – 13:46 Hamburg Marketing GmbH Hamburg (ots) This Saturday, June 18, Paul McCartney will be 80 years old. 62 years ago, he began his greatest pop music career in Hamburg with the Beatles. Hamburg celebrates it with a tribute concert with prominent personalities on June 19, a related live stream at www.livefrom.hamburg, “Song for … Read more

With class, ambition and passion

June 13, 2022 at 5:31 pm anniversary concert : The Covestro Symphoniker Krefeld is an orchestra with class, ambition and passion Thomas Schlerka has been the artistic director of the 60-person orchestra since 2016. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld The Covestro Symphony Orchestra celebrated the 90th anniversary of the orchestra with the “Fantasy Worlds” program … Read more

MGV »1872« Lauterbach: Pop choir inspires with its 150th birthday concert – Schramberg and surroundings

From Udo Jürgens to “Ęrzte”: The pop choir inspires the audience. Source: Unknown “Hope”. This was the motto of the MGV pop choir “1872” Lauterbach eV during the concert celebrating the club’s 150th anniversary. The audience spent an amazing evening in the parish hall. Lauterbach – People could hope for many things – for example … Read more

For the throne jubilee with the Queen

No king sits longer than Queen Elizabeth II. There are parades and parties to mark the platinum anniversary of the British monarch. Celebration tips. The Queen has been in office for 70 years and this is of course celebrated in Great Britain. – Michael Kappeler / dpa / dpa-tmn – Announcement basic information at a … Read more

Concerts in Balingen: Meeting of the regional music scene – Balingen and surroundings

Vocalist Udo Welz with Rock Orchestra Horst Müller gives it all. Photo: Maier As it is commonly known, holidays should be celebrated on a regular basis. There are now two reasons to celebrate in Balingen: the iconic Bären pub “Bären” has been around for 45 years, and the event shop “Show + Media Design” has … Read more