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Live where others go on vacation: in the southern Harz mountains, this statement is especially true of the town of Bad Sachsa and its neighborhoods. Because whether the weather is good or bad, there is a wide choice in and around the Uffestadt. The focal point is Ravensberg: whether it’s for hikers or mountain bikers, … Read more

The Harz is a hotspot for bats

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Santiano: It was a concert in front of the Imperial Palace in Goslar

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Auditorium Academica TU Clausthal reopened

HERE Clausthal Auditorium Academica TU Clausthal reopened Updated: 5/14/2022, 20:01 | Reading time: 5 minutes A series of interviews on topics related to architecture, monument protection and monument restoration revealed a lot of information worth knowing. Photo: Clausthal here Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The ceremonial opening of the restored Aula Academica for 2.8 million euro is held with … Read more