Economics: Monkey Pox: Three Cases in Germany

BERLIN On Saturday, the Senate Department of Health in Berlin reported two cases of a rare infection in the capital. It is not yet known which of the two known variants of the virus has infected those affected. Appropriate genetic analysis is ongoing. He said the patients’ condition was stable. The first case of monkey … Read more

Pfizer: Corona Business Ensures Growth

Paxlovid tablet by Pfizer With the corona drug, the pharmaceutical company wants to build a second mainstay in the treatment of Covid-19 in addition to the Comirnata vaccine. (Photo: AP) Frankfurt The corona pandemic is currently weakening in many regions, but continued to fuel the business of US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in the first quarter. … Read more

The federal government supports companies with innovations without technology

Minister of Economy Altmaier In total, since 2019, 1,780 companies have applied. (photo: dpa) Berlin Are you tearing down your grandfather’s house and sending the rubble to the landfill? Still others might still use discarded windows, old wooden floorboards, or bricks. Concular from Stuttgart helps in identifying valuable building materials and arranges contact with potential … Read more

Economy: ROUNDUP 3: “Emmelinde” meets Germany

OFFENBACH / BERLIN Thunderstorms, heavy rains and hurricanes have caused severe damage in parts of Germany. This initially hit North Rhine-Westphalia in particular: between 30 and 40 people were injured in the Paderborn area, according to police, of which at least ten were seriously injured. The German Weather Service (DWD) has received several reports of … Read more

Economics: ROUNDING: Monkey pox detected in Germany

BERLIN “It is only a matter of time before monkey pox is also detected in Germany,” said Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach on the matter. Doctors and patients in Germany are allergic to reports from other countries. “Based on the knowledge available to date, we assume that the virus is not so easily transmitted and … Read more

Adidas and Intersport sign a new contract

Intersport Long-term cooperation with Adidas is aimed at ensuring that the manufacturer’s goods will be available everywhere and at all times. (photo: dpa) Munich Currently, there is a balance of power in sports trade. Manufacturers such as Adidas and Nike increasingly sell directly to end customers through their own stores and online stores. During a … Read more

Economics: ROUNDUP 2 / Federal Constitutional Court: Nursing vaccinations are legal

KARLSRUHE / BERLIN The compulsory corona vaccination of nursing and medical personnel is legal. The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has dismissed a constitutional complaint against so-called facility-related compulsory vaccination. Politicians such as Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) welcomed the decision on Thursday. Patient advocates, however, expressed doubts as to whether a requirement for … Read more

The economy needs to be prepared for another year of roller coaster rides

Rarely in the last few decades have we looked at the new year with such uncertainty, anxiety and fear as we do today. We are in the fourth wave of the corona pandemic, and no one knows if it will eventually cease in the new year, or if it will only be temporary and cause … Read more

Covid restrictions hit the Chinese economy even more than expected

Coronavirus The Chinese government is currently battling an epidemic of the omicron variant. (photo: dpa) Beijing China’s economy is suffering even more than feared from draconian restrictions imposed by the Chinese government in the name of Covid’s zero strategy. Retail sales, which are used as an indicator of consumer demand, fell 11.1 percent in April. … Read more