Scientists warn of the dangers of a massive volcano eruption

Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland Statistically, a magnitude 7 volcano erupts every 625 years. (Photo: dpa) Cambridge A massive volcanic eruption could plunge the world into a crisis of similar financial proportions to the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers from the Center for Existential Risk Research (CSER) at the University of Cambridge and the University of Birmingham are … Read more

Bavaria faces another regulatory chaos if wind energy legislation is reformed

MUNICH “Bavarian wind energy law aims to find a balance between the expansion of renewable energy sources and the protection of nature and landscape, while involving citizens,” said Minister of Construction Christian Bernreiter (CSU), justifying his draft law, which is likely to be passed in the will in the fall. The act should then enter … Read more

New Crown Rules: Economic fears are in chaos again

Berlin Masks, vaccinations and tests – the traffic light row relies on this triad in its canopy protection plan for fall. What sounds simple in principle, however, fuels fears of further regulatory chaos in the economy. “The plans are simply not feasible,” said Ingrid Hartges, Handelsblatt, CEO of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga). … Read more

“The transformative power of companies should not be underestimated

FRANKFURT August 8, 2022. FRANKFURT (pfp Advisors). One crisis follows another. After several months of discussions on extreme scenarios, including industrial downtime, caused by Vladimir Putin’s politically desirable lack of gas supplies, we are also heading towards an electricity crisis. Spot prices are already entering unbearable and growing sizes. Many politicians are happy that “we … Read more

Economy: ROUND 2: Return of the mandatory masks

BERLIN To protect yourself from the autumn corona wave, it should be possible to wear the masks again in shops or offices from October. The Länder should make their own decisions for their area. This is included in the draft law on protection against infections, which was jointly announced on Wednesday by Federal Minister of … Read more

Webasto is selling its charging station business

Webasto electric charging station The company puts up its branch of charging stations for sale. (Photo: Webasto Group) Frankfurt / Munich Automotive supplier Webasto is looking for a business partner with charging stations and cables for electric cars. “We can see that the full potential cannot be realized at the moment,” explained the company upon … Read more

Economics: CLOSE: First deaths in Europe of monkey pox

MADRID Two patients died in hospitals in the Valencia and Andalusia regions. According to official information, both were admitted with encephalitis. Valencia’s Health Ministry announced Friday night that the patient’s death “was due to infection-related encephalitis (encephalitis)”. The regional newspaper Levante wrote that it was “a man about 40 years of age” who was in … Read more

Economics: ROUND 3: Relaxation in areas covered by forest fires

BERLIN / FALKENBERG / BAD SCHANDAU Joachim Wolff could write a book about the last 48 hours. A farmer from Kölsy looks at the burned area in front of his stable on Wednesday and thanks the firefighters in the air once again. They have just finished putting out the remaining firefighting work outside his farm. … Read more

Economics: CORRECTION / ROUNDING: The crown causes a collapse in life expectancy

WIESBADEN Life expectancy in Germany has fallen significantly since the start of the crown pandemic. Life expectancy in 2021 was only 83.2 years for newborn girls and 78.2 years for newborn boys. Infant life expectancy has therefore dropped sharply compared to 2019 – the last year before the pandemic – by 0.6 years for boys … Read more

A traffic light coalition argues over a debt brake and a € 9 ticket

BERLIN After Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced further reductions for energy consumers, the coalition argues over the debt brake. Labor Minister Hubertus Heil made the return to the statute of limitations for new debts, planned for next year, dependent on the economic situation. “If we fall into a mass recession, the coalition has to reconsider … Read more