It was a Pixies concert at Roncalliplatz

July 31, 2022 h. 18:00 Fairies on Roncalliplatz in Cologne : Hard. Quick. Loud Pixies veterans in the haze of stage: guitarist Joey Santiago (left) and guitarist, frontman and vocalist of Black Francis on Roncalliplatz. Photo: Hyou Vielz Cologne The Pixies stop at Roncalliplatz in Cologne, which colorful fans have come to expect from grunge … Read more

Retail – Cologne – Slow death of advertising brochures – economy

Cologne (dpa) – More than 28 billion advertising brochures end up in the mailboxes of German households each year: a gigantic flood of paper that often ends up in the garbage can unread. However, there are more and more signs that the era of the flyer is coming to an end. After Germany’s largest hardware … Read more

EUR 410 or 115,000? – Deposit dispute | Free press

How much is a deposit of 800 Marks deposited in shares worth in 1960 worth today, and who is entitled to the money? This case has to be settled by the Cologne District Court. Cologne. In a dispute over the return of the rent deposit invested in shares, a judgment of a court in Cologne … Read more

False figures at their lowest level in almost nine years | Free press

Security forces unearth a forgery workshop. But that’s not the only reason why the number of flowers in Germany continues to decline. Frankfurt am Main. A strike against a large forgery shop, improved security features and restrictions on the crown made it difficult for counterfeiters to operate in the first half of 2022. Police, retailers … Read more

Workers migrate: the hotel industry has lost in the pandemic | Free press

The uncertain times of the corona pandemic have brought about a movement in the labor market. One industry lost an above-average number of employees, while another particularly benefited from it. Nuremberg / Cologne. It’s about working conditions and safety, it’s about recognition – and ultimately money. During the crown pandemic, many people were forced to … Read more

Power pole as a mobile phone station – a simple idea with pitfalls | Free press

To accelerate 5G expansion and remove blind spots, network operators need to build thousands of new mobile stations. Energy poles, street lamps and advertising poles can also help. Markkleeberg. Smart agriculture, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0: Digitalisation has high expectations. But it depends on how the expansion of the 5G mobile communication standard is progressing and … Read more

Nick Cave at a concert at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne: A great love offensive

Jun 28, 2022 @ 8:13 am Nick Cave in Cologne : The love offensive from the men’s catcher Nich Cave, here at a concert in Prague, performed yesterday at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Photo: AFP / MICHAŁ CIZEK Cologne The singer’s second son died a few weeks ago. The concert at the Lanxess Arena … Read more

The app from Cologne shortens the path to local trade

June 16, 2022 at 2:51 pm setting up companies : Baoo start-up: the app shortens the path to local commerce The Baoo team with their vans at a photo shoot. Photo: Baoo The Cologne-based company’s smartphone app shows users which stores nearby have the product they are looking for on the shelves. This strengthens stationary … Read more

Traffic – Cologne – Strong wave of return journeys expected from Pentecost vacationers – economy

Cologne (dpa / lnw) – At the end of the long Pentecost weekend, a strong wave of returns is expected this Monday in North Rhine-Westphalia. The ADAC North Rhine-Westphalia warns of increased traffic jams on motorways. But regional trains can also get very crowded. Many people used the train for tours and excursions on Saturday … Read more