POL-AA: Ostalbkreis: flees from an accident – meadow fire – broke into a car – resistance …

08/01/2022 – 09:19 Police Headquarters in Aalen Aalen (ots) Aalen-Hofen: off the road Supposedly, under the influence of alcohol, the 29-year-old Daimler driver left the road on Saturday at around 5:45 on the L1029 near Oberalfingen in the direction of the B29. As it continued, it collided with two warning signs that were taken from … Read more

POL-OF: Mobile phones stolen from the store; Peugeot overturned: driver difficult …

07/29/2022 – 13:45 South East Police Headquarters Hesse-Offenbach Offenbach Offenbach area 1. Telephones stolen from the store – Offenbach (aa) Early on Friday, a thief broke the glass front door of a store on Frankfurter Strasse (single-digit house numbers). The security company picked up the alarm just after 2 a.m. When the first police patrol … Read more

Insurance scammers get more creative – the economy

The forest fire is spreading. A house is also burning not far from there. The owner wants to claim damages from his insurer. But the man is not a victim of a natural disaster, but wanted to take this opportunity to defraud his insurer. That’s why he set fire to his house himself. The attempt … Read more

Counterfeiters are in high season during the summer holidays | Free press

Trade in counterfeit branded goods is a billion-dollar business. And many people in Germany like to use counterfeit products – especially on vacation. But there is a catch. Stuttgart. Ice Cream, Sun Lotion, and Rolex Counterfeits: During the holiday season, not only ice cream parlors and swimming pools are in high season, but counterfeiters as … Read more

Bundesbank – Counterfeit money at its lowest level in almost nine years – Economy

Frankfurt am Main (dpa) – A blow to a large counterfeiting workshop, improved security features and restrictions on the crown made it difficult for counterfeiters to operate in the first half of 2022. Police, retailers and banks withdrew 19,789 counterfeit euro notes, the Bundesbank reported on Friday. It’s about 3.9 percent. less than in the … Read more

False figures at their lowest level in almost nine years | Free press

Security forces unearth a forgery workshop. But that’s not the only reason why the number of flowers in Germany continues to decline. Frankfurt am Main. A strike against a large forgery shop, improved security features and restrictions on the crown made it difficult for counterfeiters to operate in the first half of 2022. Police, retailers … Read more

Crime: Women are adequately protected from male violence? -Panorama

The anti-feminicide initiative accompanies the trial for the murder of the husband of the murdered Besma A. from Einbeck. Activists have already organized several vigils in front of the District Court in Göttingen. Photo: Initiative against feminicide / Initiative against feminicide in Göttingen / dpa Women’s rights groups complain that Germany is lagging behind in … Read more

Federal Court of Justice: a judgment is negotiated against publisher Falk’s heir

The case of the publisher’s heir, Alexander Falk, is currently pending before the Federal Court of Justice. Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa Ten years after the lawyer was shot and killed, Alexander Falk had to answer in court. The trial ended almost exactly two years ago – BGH is now dealing with the case. Karlsruhe … Read more

POL-RE: District of Recklinghausen / Bottrop: Police of Recklinghausen presents their new …

07/05/2022 – 08:31 Police Headquarters in Recklinghausen Recklinghausen (ots) After a year and a half, renovation works were completed at the new police hearing studio in Recklinghausen. But what’s really behind a child-friendly auditory room? The Hearing Studio is a room specially designed for the interests of children and used by sex crime officers. Affected … Read more

POL-ESW: Press report of June 30, 2012 | press portal

06/30/2012 – 11:33 Eschwege Police Eschwege Eschwege Police Accident while avoiding In the accident yesterday evening between Hoheneiche and Reichensachsen, there was material damage worth EUR 5,000. At 9.15 p.m., a 22-year-old from the municipality of Meißner was driving his car on the B 452 towards Reichensachsen when a “smaller wild animal” suddenly entered the … Read more