Lufthansa and Verdi agree ground staff | Free press

Despite all the problems with the restart, Lufthansa made a profit in the second quarter. This should be the case all year round, promises the CEO of Spohr and addresses his employees. Frankfurt am Main. Despite the constant threat of strikes and chaos in airport service, Lufthansa has returned to profitability. While the company delegations … Read more

BGH comments on travel cancellation in the event of a krone outbreak | Free press

Risk areas, entry bans, quarantine requirements: the pandemic has thwarted many vacation plans. Organizers and clients do not always agree on costs. Karlsruhe. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) may today deliver its first Corona judgment on travel law (9am). When the pandemic broke out, the plaintiff canceled an organized trip to Japan, which had … Read more

Ill at work – the phenomenon of presentism and its threats | Free press

Taking the blues is easy to explain: don’t go to work, even if you are perfectly healthy. The opposite is called presenteeism: dragging into the office is sick. Has Corona changed anything? Karlsruhe / Konstanz. With a positive corona test, the matter is clear: the office remains a taboo subject. But what if you have … Read more

Concerts, theatrical performances and more: 10 cultural tips around Berlin

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Year of training: business desperately looking for interns – business

In Baden-Württemberg, just before the start of the new training year, more than 38,000 registered training places remain vacant. High school students are particularly concerned. A few weeks before the start of the new training year, a good half of the registered training positions in Baden-Württemberg are still vacant. – The chances of spontaneous people … Read more

Industrial companies do not suffer from more sick leaves | Free press

Concerns about another corona wave are growing. The number of sick leaves is also increasing. What does this mean for the country’s industry? Frankfurt. Robert Friedmann saw a doctor recently. The head of the Würth group in Künzelsau, known for its screws, no longer had the mind that masks were still mandatory there. “I had … Read more

Industrial companies feel very little about the greater number of sick leaves – the economy

Health Concerns about another corona wave are growing. The number of sick leaves is also increasing. What does this mean for the country’s industry? From dpaJuly 25, 2022 5:34 a.m. GPs now treat many Covid diseases, but also flu-like symptoms and diarrhea, which are actually seasonal patterns. Photo: DPA Frankfurt (dpa). Robert Friedmann saw a … Read more

Semi-Annual Balance Sheet for Crafts: “Uncertainty is never good for the economy”, Freiburg Chamber of Crafts, press release

“The balance of the semi-annual transactions in 2022 is still good.” Johannes Ullrich, president of the Freiburg Chamber of Commerce, reported fairly good results for trade in southern Baden, but looks to the future with concern. And not only him. Craft businesses in the chamber ward still have a decent second quarter 2022, but are … Read more

Corona in MV: 1,855 new infections – three more deaths | – News

Status: 20/07/2022 15:58 In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, authorities registered new corona infections on Tuesday 1855. 24 patients with Covid-19 are treated in intensive care units across the country. The incidence of hospitalization rises to 6.0. The number of new corona infections registered in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has increased by 1,855 cases since Tuesday (as of Wednesday 15:26). That’s 15 … Read more