Concert with East Punk bands in Berlin: a beer shower for a disco ball

East-pop bands from Betonromantik to L’Attentat celebrated the re-edition of their GDR music two years later in Berlin. How was it? The L’Attentat team, here in 2014 at a home game at UT Connewitz in Leipzig Photo: Jan Rillich Prize question for another punk rock counter: Verse and chorus “We live in houses, towns and … Read more

Testing Secondary Victimization: No more perpetrator-victim reversal

Victims of racist violence often feel unfairly treated by the police and the judiciary. Scientists are currently conducting the first research on this topic. The memory of the victims of racist violence in Hanau Photo: Sasha Rheker LEIPZIG here | What experiences with the police and the judiciary have people affected by right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic … Read more

“Nintendo Switch Sports” in the test: golden fun – tests of the game

“Nintendo Switch Sports” is launched and is initially introducing six fitness games to the salon. The lack of quantity compensates for the good quality. “Nintendo Switch Sports” on the latest Nintendo console takes us to the beloved times of “Wii Sports”. Nintendo Switch Sports is great fun for young and old, even if the content … Read more