Entertainment: Smudo in an interview: Only with painkillers on stage

Rapper Fantastischen Vier talks about the end of his career and criticizes “German anxiety” in digitalisation and “political gross motor skills” in climate measures. German hip-hop star Smudo feels the ramifications of a 30-year stage experience. The 54-year-old belongs to the successful group Die Fantastischen Vier (“Die da!?!”). “For example, from holding the microphone and … Read more

Digitization: the dance of the algorithm (nd-aktuell.de)

Photo: Ullstein Bild / Getty Images Until ten years ago, “digital humanities” had to come to terms with the accusation that they lack theory – and the accusation that they only import digital methods without knowledge. FAZ author Thomas Thiel even described the creation of the German section of Digital Humanities in 2012 as “numerous … Read more

Criticism of the German immigration authorities

Urszula Staudinger At the Innovation Summit, Ursula Staudinger said that the situation in many companies still needed to be improved, especially in the case of part-time work. Düsseldorf The German state is exacerbating the shortage of skilled workers in the economy rather than solving it – because it is reluctant to issue visas to urgently … Read more

Anadi Bank is fully committed to digital business

Anadi Bank The Institute focuses on digital business. (Photo: Austrian Bank Anadi) Frankfurt Austrian Anadi Bank is separating from analog banking and will focus on digital business in the future. To this end, the Austrian Anadi Bank will start a sale process in the form of a tendering process for traditional banking activities with the … Read more

Data management in the “multiverse of data madness”

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Multiverse” is now a reality: three Spider-Mana from three different worlds in one movie. On the other hand, here on Earth, managers face a problem: different versions of unstructured data from several decades, a multitude of different (storage) universes – some still useful and some utterly useless – must be … Read more

Ten ways to innovate in Germany

Germany’s innovation policy is eroding. Not because the state pumps too little money into the system. Rather, it is hemmed in by bureaucracy, mental silos, wrong incentives, great ego, and separation from entrepreneurship. Ideas coming from sharp minds are rarely translated into scalable business models, services, products – i.e. growth, new jobs, new perspectives. The … Read more

INSM Education Monitor: After the coronary crisis, the educational crisis is inevitable

08/18/2021 – 10:55 The New Social Market Economy (INSM) initiative Berlin (ots) The coronation pandemic has exposed weaknesses in education systems in all federal states. Omissions from digitization and the constant lack of the concept of online learning at the expense of education and thus equal opportunities. Children and adolescents who experience it more difficult … Read more

“My Business. My Future. “: Visa and OMR launch an educational program for local …

04/05/2022 – 10:00 Germany visa Frankfurt am Main (ots) Visa is showing its new brand identity and network of opportunities The online program “My business. My future”. supports local entrepreneurs in digitization Free news articles, podcasts, webinars and white papers Technology, financial knowledge, communication – these are the three pillars on which the new online … Read more

What the economy requires of the state government of NRW

May 18, 2022 at 04:50 After the 2022 state elections in Neuss : What the economy requires from politics The security of energy supply at competitive prices is fundamental to the strength and future of a business location. (icon image) Photo: dpa / Federico Gambarini Rhein District of Neuss The future government of the state … Read more

Wuppertal: the economy wants a future-proof “transformation network”

May 11, 2022 at 2:43 pm A multi-million project : Bergisch companies want to prepare for the future with “Transformationsnetzwerk”. Michael Vitz, Michael Schwunk, Mayor Uwe Schneidewind and Tobias Meisen (from left) attended the VBU general meeting. Photo: Fischer, Andreas H503840 Wuppertal The Employers’ Union (AGV) of the metal industry in Wuppertal and Niederberg, in … Read more