USA: Wikipedia as an election campaign arena for Republican and Democrats – Economy

Clever politicians know that if you repeat a sentence often enough, no matter how absurd it may be, it will be remembered and something will remain. The master of this tactic is former US President Donald Trump, who, for example, during the election campaign referred to his opponent as “Hillary’s curve”, a woman who cannot … Read more

Climate protection: when will internal combustion engines be banned in the EU? – Business

Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck backed the state on Tuesday morning: “If we do not get the result today, it will be seen as a failure not only for this round, but also for Europe,” said the green politician at the meeting. EU environment ministers in Luxembourg. Habeck met his fellow party and environment minister … Read more

ECB interest rate policy: Why does the central bank have to beat now – Economy

Most people probably don’t care too much about the prices of Italian government bonds. They have other concerns such as high inflation. To combat rising prices, the European Central Bank started a new course last week. The key interest rate will increase, further bond purchases have ended. Finally, it has to be said, because the … Read more

Basic ECB interest rates: Italy worries again – the economy

For many days on the world financial markets you can feel the whiff of “whatever you need”. The background to this is the European Central Bank’s July decision to raise its key interest rate for the first time in eleven years. The speculators got down to business right now, as higher interest rates mean higher … Read more

Space travel: Germany supports high-speed internet from space – economy

One of the favorite projects of EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton is the ‘Connectivity Initiative’. It is a satellite network whose main purpose is to provide Europe, Africa and the Arctic with sovereign, secure, high-speed Internet from space. In addition to governments, state agencies and the military, users should also include businesses and citizens … Read more

Retirees and pensioners should receive higher inflation compensation – the economy

It’s coming from both sides now. The federal states asked the federal government to take care of the aid for pensioners because “it has not happened to a sufficient degree so far,” said Hendrik Wüst, head of the North Rhine-Westphalia government from the CDU on Thursday evening after the meeting. of prime ministers with Chancellor … Read more

France: What is the economic balance of Emmanuel Macron? – Business

Bruno Le Maire is often in a good mood. He likes his job, as you can tell from the French economy minister. Hardly a day goes by for Le Maire to smile at the TV camera and calculate how well the French economy is doing. Three months before the elections, Le Maire wants to take … Read more

Climate protection: the European Parliament’s Environment Committee tightens the law – the economy

The European Parliament wants to tighten the EU’s planned climate tariff: on Tuesday, the parliamentary Environment Committee voted from 49 to 33 for the earlier introduction of the so-called If the plenum confirms this position in June, negotiations may start between Parliament and the Council of Ministers, an organ of the Member States, on the … Read more

Economics: This is Martin Wedding’s new member – Economics

The headline sounded scary, it was a classic Martin Werding. In a good ten years, an economist recently warned in a study that workers would be asked to pay their bills. Then contributions of almost half of their income would be due for pensions, health insurance and other systems – if politicians didn’t act. Germany … Read more