Corporations are demanding faster pace towards a hydrogen economy

Green Hydrogen Production Plant in Puertollano, Spain Industry needs green hydrogen to be able to produce in a climate-neutral way. (Photo: Bloomberg) Berlin A group of German corporations, together with the Australian hydrogen pioneer Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), are campaigning for a much faster development of the hydrogen value chain. The group, which describes itself … Read more

Economic growth and progress – developing country

Visualization of Neom The metropolis of the future is to be built in northeastern Saudi Arabia on an area of ​​25,000 square kilometers by 2030. (Photo: Neom) Tel Aviv The twin towers will be 500 meters high and will dominate the panorama of the planned city of Neom. The cost of building Neoma is currently … Read more

National pressure for Corona’s new legal base in the fall

BERLIN There is increasing pressure from the Länder on the federal government to quickly lay down the legal basis for further protection requirements in the event of a new corona wave in the fall. Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia have called for an amendment to the Infection Protection Act ahead of the summer break, … Read more

Industry supports Habeck’s plans to use less gas

BERLIN Federal Network Agency head Klaus Müller told “Tagesspiegel” about the plan to temporarily increase the use of coal-fired power plants to generate electricity that it was not an easy decision from a climate policy point of view: “But it is so necessary to reduce gas consumption in electricity production.” Habeck wants to take additional … Read more

The five weaknesses of the Greek economy

Christian Lindner (FDP), Federal Finance Minister, meets Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Athens may leave the so-called “enhanced surveillance” on August 21. (photo: IMAGO / photo library) Athens EU Finance Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni speaks of “an important step for Greece”, Athens Finance Minister Christos Staikouras even sees a “historic day”. former crisis state. Ministers followed … Read more

Economics: ROUND: Price for more wind turbines

BERLIN The population has to pay a price for it. Economy and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) said Wednesday in Berlin that he did not want to conceal that a greater expansion of wind power would also mean an “imposition” on many people and certain regions. Legislative plans would create resistance, fears and concerns. … Read more

Biden travels to Saudi Arabia in July

WASHINGTON The planned visit of US President Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia has sparked criticism and has made the White House demanding an explanation. The US government officially announced on Tuesday a long-speculated Biden trip to the Middle East: Biden wants to travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories in mid-July and then visit oil-rich … Read more

Benjamin Jones: “Huge market failure in innovation”

Berlin 3.5 percent of economic output is the minimum government spending on research in Germany. For economist Benjamin F. Jones, however, the federal government’s target limit is far from sufficient. “Definitely the state invests far too little in innovation,” Jones told Handelsblatt. The three percent rate would have to be “easily doubled,” says a researcher … Read more

Habeck announces tightening of the antitrust law in a dispute over a discount on tanks

BERLIN Earlier in the opposition, but also in the traffic light coalition itself, dissatisfaction with the limited brake effect on fuel prices grew. After falling prices due to tax cuts on Wednesday last week, fuel prices have increased significantly again. Leading politicians from the FDP, CDU, SPD and the Left Party called on Habeck to … Read more

Deutsche Bahn can and must improve

BERLIN Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing sees an urgent need to act at Deutsche Bahn to ensure a more reliable operation for the millions of passengers and freight train customers. “It cannot remain as it is at the moment. The railroad can and must be better, ”the FDP politician told the German Press Agency. He … Read more