Research on the energy transformation

September 5, 2022 at 5:15 a.m. series of tests : Research on the energy transformation “Metals are the guarantors of progress in human civilization” – says the director of the institute, prof. Dierk Raabe. Photo: Frank Vinken | dwb series Düsseldorf Iron Research Institute Max Planck experimenting with green hydrogen. Steel production can be revolutionized. … Read more

Labor market – Massive effects of rising energy prices – Economy

Cologne (dpa) – The Institute of German Economy (IW) in Cologne expects significant economic effects from the persistently high energy costs. “High price levels are burdening households with high energy costs and rising consumer prices,” write the authors of the current study available to the German Press Agency in Berlin. “Overall, the cost of living … Read more

Energy – Eon expects energy prices to rise – Economy

Essen (dpa) – Germany’s largest energy supplier Eon expects further increases in electricity and gas prices for end customers. Price pressure dominates all markets, CFO Marc Spieker said Wednesday in Essen. “The only difference is how quickly these price increases are then implemented.” There is no doubt that they would have to come last. Eon … Read more

Energy – Greifswald – Science from the sun: Wendelstein 7-X is looking for a new energy source – Economics

Greifswald (dpa) – With the official completion of the reconstruction, the large research facility Wendelstein 7-X enters a new experimental phase. Now it’s about continuous work. “This is a real mission,” said physicist and project manager Thomas Klinger on Tuesday. “The Wendelstein 7-X is ready.” The prospect of further new discoveries for alternative energy generation … Read more

Energy – With or without VAT? Discussion on the gas fee – economy

Berlin (dpa) – The state can make money from the gas fees imposed by the federal government to ease the burden on importers. Because on Friday it was initially unclear whether VAT would also be due on the cost increase for gas consumers that the government decided the previous evening from October. Both Economy Minister … Read more

Energy – Mainz – Entrepreneurs warn against shutting down industry – economy

Mainz (dpa / lrs) – The Rhineland-Palatinate Business Association described the current energy crisis in Germany as “very dangerous”. “We will all have to cut back and save energy,” said Johannes Heger, president of the State Association of Entrepreneurs of the German Press Agency. Of course, companies would also take part in the usual energy-saving … Read more

Gas price: surcharge plus VAT – energy can become much more expensive

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Agro-photovoltaics: how to generate energy and food simultaneously in the field

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