Economics: ROUND: Price for more wind turbines

BERLIN The population has to pay a price for it. Economy and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) said Wednesday in Berlin that he did not want to conceal that a greater expansion of wind power would also mean an “imposition” on many people and certain regions. Legislative plans would create resistance, fears and concerns. … Read more

Conversion to hydrogen: slowed down by EU regulations

hydrogen tank Green hydrogen is considered the future of energy production. (photo: dpa) Brussels Hydrogen is considered a miracle weapon of energy transformation: it can be used wherever gas is still burned. Even coal furnaces for steel production are to be replaced by hydrogen installations in the future. However, the European Commission now links green … Read more

Robert Habeck plans a socio-ecological market economy

Robert Habeck New Federal Minister for the Economy and Climate Protection. (Photo: Getty Images) Berlin The renewed self-image of the venerable Federal Ministry of Economy was already radiating when the newly appointed minister Robert Habeck (the Greens) did not even have a voice. His predecessor Peter Altmaier announced on Wednesday during the handover that he … Read more