The Missing Link: Welcome to Planet B – Ars Electronica, a festival in motion

After two years dominated by a pandemic, this year the Ars Electronica Festival has almost returned to its former glory and fullness with 71,000 visitors and 953 artists, scientists and students from 76 countries. Linz seemed to shake off his fear of the crown, even on the tram, only a few masked faces could be … Read more

The premiere of the new series of concerts “Classic for Future” in Augsburg – Munich

Jane is a fan of Beethoven. This is what Lorenz Knauer, president of the Jane Goodall Institute in Germany, told him, says pianist Yojo Christen. Consequently, Christen played Beethoven’s “Appassionata” at a party with the famous behavioral researcher at Munich’s Showpalast in June 2019 and decorated his performance with improvisation as a tribute to Jane … Read more

A national information center on the environment and nature protection is being established in Merseburg

Several signatures, handshakes, smiling faces. Today, representatives of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences laid the foundations for cooperation in the field of the environment and digitization by signing a cooperation agreement. Environmental Information Center To preserve our world and remain a place worth living, environmental protection and nature … Read more

Bavaria faces another regulatory chaos if wind energy legislation is reformed

MUNICH “Bavarian wind energy law aims to find a balance between the expansion of renewable energy sources and the protection of nature and landscape, while involving citizens,” said Minister of Construction Christian Bernreiter (CSU), justifying his draft law, which is likely to be passed in the will in the fall. The act should then enter … Read more

Permanent Insurance: Verde is applying for an insurance license

Munich Sustainability is also a hot topic in the insurance industry. Big suppliers are investing in wind and solar energy – and they talk a lot about their green systems. “But there is no really lasting insurance yet,” believes Marie-Luise Meinhold. “A lot of things are still bright green – if at all.” Meinhold wants … Read more

Green growth: do economic growth and environmental protection go hand in hand?

»Green growth is a mistake.«(Jason Hickel, anthropologist) Other researchers clearly draw an even more critical conclusion with regard to Paris’ climate goals. “The empirical evidence does not support the theory of green growth,” write University of London anthropologist Jason Hickel and economist at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Giorgos Kallis, in a widely acclaimed study. … Read more

Economy: ROUND: Only chilled to 26 degrees

BERLIN According to the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection, he wants to save about 15 percent from autumn. on heating energy. Among other things, the temperature should be lowered longer at night. In summer, the house of the head of the department, Robert Habeck (The Greens), even wants to save 40 percent of … Read more

Energy – Lichtenstein – After a dispute, the wind farm approaches Lichtenstein Castle – Economy

Reutlingen / Sonnenbühl (dpa / lsw) – The dispute dragged on for over eight years, and the wind farm now planned from April 2014 is to be built near Lichtenstein Castle above the Echaz Valley in Sonnenbühl. The district office of Reutlingen has announced that consent can be given as things stand. “We believe that … Read more

US court brakes in the field of climate protection – economy

Joe Biden’s climate protection plans are in serious danger – and with them the Paris Agreement plans. A conservative majority in the US Supreme Court on Thursday cut the powers of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. They wanted to impose stricter regulations on power plants as part of the Clean Air Plan. This would lead … Read more

What the EU’s climate protection package will bring to businesses and citizens

Brussels The dispute in the German traffic light coalition stopped the highly symbolic fight for the internal combustion engine until the end, and with it the fundamental decision on the entire package of climate protection measures. But now the positions that EU member states agreed on Wednesday night are available. It is true that no … Read more