Science – Jacques-Yves Cousteau died 25 years ago – Knowledge

Paris (AP) – He was the first to record humpback whale songs and one of the few to film the hundreds of sharks and whales that are endangered today. Jacques-Yves Cousteau transformed his deep-sea expeditions into more than 100 films and numerous books – and in them he opened up to people a previously unknown, … Read more

Corporations are demanding faster pace towards a hydrogen economy

Green Hydrogen Production Plant in Puertollano, Spain Industry needs green hydrogen to be able to produce in a climate-neutral way. (Photo: Bloomberg) Berlin A group of German corporations, together with the Australian hydrogen pioneer Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), are campaigning for a much faster development of the hydrogen value chain. The group, which describes itself … Read more

Industry supports Habeck’s plans to use less gas

BERLIN Federal Network Agency head Klaus Müller told “Tagesspiegel” about the plan to temporarily increase the use of coal-fired power plants to generate electricity that it was not an easy decision from a climate policy point of view: “But it is so necessary to reduce gas consumption in electricity production.” Habeck wants to take additional … Read more

The agreement in the WTO again for the first time after the marathon conference

GENEVA After several days of difficult negotiations, conducted almost 24 hours a day, 164 member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) signed agreements for the first time in years. Among other things, agreements were agreed early on Friday morning to allow the production of Covid vaccines in more countries and a ban on subsidizing … Read more

Economics: ROUND: Price for more wind turbines

BERLIN The population has to pay a price for it. Economy and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) said Wednesday in Berlin that he did not want to conceal that a greater expansion of wind power would also mean an “imposition” on many people and certain regions. Legislative plans would create resistance, fears and concerns. … Read more

Many migratory birds threatened by climate change | – News

Status: 06/13/2022 09:29 According to the research, the consequences of global climate change – rising sea levels in northwestern Europe – are threatening the habitats of some migratory bird species along their migratory routes in the East Atlantic. The Wadden Sea off the coast of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands is considered the center of … Read more

Conversion to hydrogen: slowed down by EU regulations

hydrogen tank Green hydrogen is considered the future of energy production. (photo: dpa) Brussels Hydrogen is considered a miracle weapon of energy transformation: it can be used wherever gas is still burned. Even coal furnaces for steel production are to be replaced by hydrogen installations in the future. However, the European Commission now links green … Read more

Robert Habeck plans a socio-ecological market economy

Robert Habeck New Federal Minister for the Economy and Climate Protection. (Photo: Getty Images) Berlin The renewed self-image of the venerable Federal Ministry of Economy was already radiating when the newly appointed minister Robert Habeck (the Greens) did not even have a voice. His predecessor Peter Altmaier announced on Wednesday during the handover that he … Read more

UBA: Pesticide approvals undermine environmental protection

According to the current legal status, pesticides are allowed in Germany, although according to scientific knowledge they are harmful to the environment. The German authorities are currently unable to effectively protect the environment against harmful pesticides. This should be regulated again in European law. advertisement Agricultural “pesticides” – colloquial plant protection products (PSM) – must … Read more